Manassas Theft Lawyer

If someone is charged with theft, which is called larceny in Virginia, the charge is often more serious in Manassas than it is in other places. Manassas is a jurisdiction where a first-time larceny charge can potentially result in jail time. In addition to this, theft is a crime of moral turpitude, that is, a crime involving lying, cheating, or stealing. Moral turpitude crimes can have a profound impact on a person’s life including the loss of a job or the inability to secure employment in the future making it important a Manassas theft attorney is consulted.

Because the penalties and consequences on a person’s life can be so serious, it is very important to get in touch with a Manassas criminal lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. The earlier you tackle your case, the better chance you give yourself in mitigating damage.

Elements of Theft Charges

The elements of theft are (1) the wrongful or fraudulent taking, though not from a person, (2) of the personal goods of some intrinsic value (3) belonging to another, (4) without their permission or assent (5) with the intent to permanently deprive them of those goods. In the case of Grand Larceny, a felony, further elements are proof that the goods are worth at least $200.00.

There are a number of different kinds of charges, which are considered to be theft or larceny. This can include everything from simple larceny to shoplifting to embezzlement or to electronic crimes such as credit card theft or identity theft.

Possible Evidence for the Defense

In order for someone to be convicted of a theft and larceny charge in Virginia, the prosecutor has to prove the five elements of theft that are mentioned above. These elements include the wrongful or fraudulent taking of personal goods of some intrinsic value, belonging to another, without his assent, and with the intention to deprive the owner thereof permanently.

The evidence that a theft lawyer in Manassas will want to obtain will include everything that the government might bring forth in order to prove its case. Typically, this is going to include video or other physical evidence which is going to point towards the defendant, as being the person who took the goods. In addition, a lawyer will always looking for whether the defendant has made any incriminating statements to the police, as well as whether there are any witnesses who might either be helpful or harmful to the case. In addition, there will need to be proof of the value of the items allegedly taken.

Benefits of Hiring a Manassas Theft Lawyer

When someone is charged with theft in Manassas, they should hire a local, Manassas theft attorney because the consequenc a s of conviction can be far-reaching. Apart from the fact that there is the potential to do active jail time in Manassas upon conviction of a theft or larceny charge, there can also be other significant consequences to a person’s life such as the loss of a job, the loss of a security clearance, or the inability to secure employment in the future.