Manassas Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is an extremely serious charge that is punishable by up to life in prison. Due to the severity of this offense, it is important those accused consult with an experienced Manassas robbery lawyer as soon as possible to go over their case and begin building a defense. This is not the kind of case that anyone should take lightly and as a result seeking a theft lawyer in Manassas with experience in these types of cases is imperative. To learn more or discuss what advantages an attorney may be able to provide for your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Virginia Robbery Laws

Robbery is defined as the taking of the personal property of another, with the intent to steal, from his person or in his presence, against his will, by violence or intimidation.

In Virginia, robbery is always considered to be a felony, regardless of the value of the item that was taken. This is due to the fact that robbery is a crime against a person and the goods or money that was taken was done so directly from the individual, either using violence or the threat of violence. For this reason, if a person is convicted, even if it’s a first offense, they are going to be treated harshly under Virginia law, as well as under the Virginia sentencing guidelines, and that they can expect a sentence that will be measured in years rather than months or weeks.

What Must a Prosecutor Prove For a Robbery Conviction?

In order for a person to be charged and ultimately convicted of robbery in Manassas, a prosecutor will have to prove that the individual in question intended to steal the personal property of another person against their will through the use of violence or intimidation. In this regard, a robbery attorney in Manassas who is familiar with the tactics that the prosecutor’s office will attempt can be very valuable, as they can leverage their experience and determine how the case is likely to be viewed by a local judge or a jury.

Difference Between Robbery and Theft

The difference between robbery and theft is where the goods or thing of value is taken from. When something is taken from a home, or taken from a store, or some other place without the owner knowing it is happening, it is going to be considered theft or larceny. However, when something is taken from an individual or in their presence, and when violence or threat is used to accomplish that, then it will be considered robbery under Virginia law.

Building a Defense

A criminal lawyer will begin preparing a defense for robbery in Manassas by interviewing the client and finding out all of the facts and circumstances of the case from the client’s perspective. From there, a Manassas robbery attorney will gather all the evidence that he or she can regarding the government’s evidence including:

  • Witness testimony
  • Statements made by the accused
  • Physical evidence such as fingerprints, photographs or video evidence

All of these things then need to be examined in order to find any holes in the evidence that the government plans to bring forward. Once this is done a lawyer will be able to determine what legal arguments or defenses might be raised to best assist the individual with their charge.

Importance of Hiring a Manassas Robbery Attorney

With robbery, the stakes are extremely high. For this reason it is important those charged consult with someone who has experience with this type of law and the various types of defenses and evidence that are likely to be used. Robbery is a unique area of law, and is a charge that can carry up to life in prison. Even when that’s not the case, it often carries a significant amount of prison time which is measured in years. Because of these consequences and because of the difficulty and intricacy of a case like this, it’s important to have an experienced advocate on your side who can hold the government to their proof, find any holes in their evidence that might exist and bring forward legal arguments to secure a favorable plea agreement or perhaps win the case in court.

When contacting a Manassas robbery attorney, you should have all of the paperwork that you have received including warrants, bonds, and recognizances. These documents will clearly show the pending charges as well as upcoming court dates and are important starting points. You should also be ready to tell the lawyer about all the facts and circumstances of the case, any witnesses which might be favorable to you, as well as any other evidence that the lawyer should look at, which might be favorable to you.

Advantages of Local Representation

It’s important to consider hiring a local lawyer when charged with robbery, because a local lawyer is going to have information about local procedure and practice that someone from out of the area simply will not have. This would include everything from understanding how judges locally treat cases to understanding how prosecutors or even juries handle this kind of cases. These are seemingly little things that can make a large difference in the tactics that will be used and in the prospects of success in a case.