Culpeper Criminal Lawyer

If you or a loved one have been charged with a criminal offense in Virginia, our Culpeper criminal lawyers understand just how intimidating the criminal justice system can be, especially for those who have not previously ever been charged with crime. Although facing criminal charges is never easy, with the help of an experienced criminal attorney in Virginia, you can put forth a strong defense in court.

The defense attorneys at our firm have an intimate understanding of how the law works in Culpeper, VA. We know the roads, which can be helpful in DUI and reckless driving cases, and we are familiar with the people and processes that characterize the local court system. Call our Culpeper criminal attorneys today to set up a free consultation and help us learn more about how we can help you.

Advantages of Hiring a Culpeper Criminal Lawyer

Culpeper Criminal Lawyer | Benefits of a VA Defense LawyerThere are many advantages to hiring a criminal lawyer in Culpeper to be by your side throughout the legal process. Your lawyer can advise you from the very moment you learn you may be facing criminal charges. He or she can guide you in dealing with police, investigators, insurers, opposing counsel, and other parties involved, to make sure that you do not inadvertently say or do anything to harm your own defense.

Investigative Resources

Your Culpeper criminal lawyer can also independently investigate the evidence against you, and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case. He or she can also examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest and determine whether your rights were respected throughout the investigation. For instance, if police lacked probable cause to search you or seize your property, if you were not properly informed of your rights, or if you were hurt or mistreated in some way, the case against you may be dismissed.

Questioning Evidence

In addition, your Culpeper criminal attorney can look into whether the evidence against you was collected, handled, stored or transported properly. If breathalyzer equipment malfunctioned and you are facing a DUI, or if blood, DNA, or other biological evidence was improperly stored, the evidence against you could be deemed unreliable.

Local Knowledge

Your criminal lawyer in Culpeper also likely has existing relationships or familiarity with other Culpeper court personnel, attorneys, prosecutors and judges. This gives your attorney insight into how a judge may respond to a particular motion or to what strategies a prosecutor has relied on in cases similar to yours. Your Culpeper criminal attorney may be better prepared to negotiate with the prosecutor for reduced charges or a plea deal than a lawyer who is unfamiliar with the 16th Judicial Circuit of Virginia, which includes the Culpeper Circuit Court and Culpeper General District Court.

Common Types of Criminal Charges Our Firm Fights

Our firm has experience fighting all kinds of criminal charges, including but not limited to:

Consult an Experienced Culpeper Criminal Lawyer

No matter what kind of criminal charge you may be facing, our Culpeper criminal lawyers can provide a fierce defense and compassionate support. We have experience working both with clients who are dealing with prior criminal convictions, and those who have never faced a criminal charge. Our goal is always to help you clear your name of unfair accusations and prevent you from being wrongfully convicted.