Virginia Child Abuse Lawyer

Virginia child abuse is a large category that encompasses a number of different behaviors that are proscribed by Virginia law. Child abuse can include anything from physically harming a child to neglecting a child to causing a child to be in need of services in some way.

Anyone charged with child abuse should immediately contact a distinguished Virginia domestic violence lawyer for help with their case. A Virginia child abuse lawyer will have the experience with child abuse cases that can be vital to your defense.

Reporting Abuse in Virginia

Typically after an incidence of child abuse is reported, law enforcement will become involved and will interview whoever made the complaint as well as make an attempt to interview the defendant. It is also often the case that child protective services will become involved and will also attempt to interview all of the people involved.

Consequences of Child Abuse

When a person is charged with a child abuse-related crime, their criminal record will immediately show is a pending charge. It is typically a matter of public record, so it is not going to be something crying eyes might be able to discover on a court database or a website. Nevertheless, it will be immediately visible to anyone conducting a background check.

There are a number of negative consequences associated with child abuse conviction in the long term. Perhaps the worst is having a criminal record. In many other cases, such as where custody or visitation is contested, having a conviction can impact an individual’s ability to get custody, retain custody, get visitation, and retain visitation. It can follow a person on the civil side as it relates to children in addition to the consequences that the person may have at work or future employment.

Criminal Child Abuse Cases

What happens in a child abuse criminal case can have a profound impact on a child abuse civil case. Whenever a person is convicted or found guilty by a criminal court, it is something that a civil judge can take into account when determining the best interest of a child and whether the defendant is an appropriate person either to have custody or to have visitation. In addition, any testimony that a defendant might give in a criminal case can be used against their in a civil case. Any evidence brought forth in a criminal case for child abuse can be used against them which makes it important to consult with a Virginia child abuse lawyer.

Everything that happens in the course of the criminal case has the potential to reverberate on the civil side. It is extremely important whenever a person is charged with child abuse or neglect to have an eye on the big picture and understand tactically how what the person does on the criminal side will affect what happens on the civil side.

Civil Cases

For civil cases where child abuse is alleged, whether a custody case, visitation case, or a proceeding brought by protective services, the evidence brought forward, in that case, a have a consequence in the criminal case. Anything that the defendant might say on the civil side can be used against the individual in a criminal context. While nothing the civil court does is going to be binding on the criminal court, there are all kinds of tactical benefits that a person can create by being careful in that civil case. There are also a number of landmines the person facing child abuse charges can step on by not having their eye on the big picture and knowing what impact might exist in the criminal case.

Contacting a Virginia Child Abuse Lawyer

When convicted or accused of abusing a child, the person is charged with something serious. Many instances of child abuse or neglect are charged as felonies. If a person is convicted of child abuse charges, can result in a prison sentence, the loss of civil rights, the loss of the ability to possess a firearm, and in many cases, the loss of the ability to work. Even when child abuse is a misdemeanor, it is serious in terms of creating a criminal record that can follow a person throughout their life, create employment consequences, and in some cases, have significant negative consequences for custody or visitation with children making it imperative that a Virginia child abuse attorney is contacted.