Fairfax Aggressive Driving Lawyer

The consequences for aggressive driving are not the same as receiving a speeding ticket. It involves multiple traffic infractions and has the potential to carry jail time. Therefore, someone who is charged with this misdemeanor should speak with a Fairfax aggressive driving lawyer. This charge can be highly subjective, so it is wise to have a skilled traffic attorney on your side to ensure a fair process.

What Constitutes Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving occurs when someone commits at least two or more traffic specific offenses in the same set of events. It is often dependent on the police officer’s perspective of the situation. What one police officer considers aggressive driving may differ from another officer’s opinion. Aggressive driving is often difficult for a prosecutor to prove because of these differing views.

While many individuals will consider another driver to be aggressive on the roadways, aggressive driving is not a common charge that police officers write tickets for. It is beneficial to have an aggressive driving lawyer from the area to analyze the case and make sure the process is being conducted by the book.

Common Scenarios Involved in Aggressive Driving Charges

A person could be charged with aggressive driving if they commit more than one of the following traffic violations at the same time:

  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Tailgating other vehicles
  • Failing to yield the right of way to other vehicles
  • Passing on the right side of other vehicles
  • Passing outside of a pass zone on the left side of a vehicle Failing to observe lane markings

Speeding cannot be charged as aggressive driving on its own. It can, however, be one of the two violations used in order to justify the charge.

What Level of Offense is Aggressive Driving in Fairfax?

Aggressive driving is a class two misdemeanor in Fairfax, which is punishable by up to six months in the County Jail, suspension of one’s license, and a fine. However, if the police officer alleges that the driver had the specific intent to injure another person, aggressive driving can be charged as a class one misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to 12 months in the County Jail.

When pulling someone over for aggressive driving, police officers are most concerned with the safety of other vehicles on the road. They will ticket someone if they believe that other drivers and their property are in danger.

Navigating a Case in Fairfax

A driver should expect a similar process as a normal driving ticket when they have been charged with aggressive driving. The major difference is aggressive driving can be punishable by jail time. Whenever someone is charged with aggressive driving, they should contact a local lawyer in order to understand the heightened consequences that come with this charge.

Prosecutors and judges treat aggressive driving cases seriously because of the large number of cars on the road in Fairfax County every day. The government and the judges are concerned with the safety of the roadways. When someone is charged with aggressive driving, they should seek representation in court.

Find an Advocate with a Fairfax Aggressive Driving Attorney

An attorney could help defend the aggressive driving case in court but also help to provide the best strategies for presenting mitigating circumstances. It is important to work with a Fairfax aggressive driving lawyer because the authorities may treat the charges differently than other counties in Virginia. Local attorneys have the institutional knowledge about how a specific court works, the different personalities of the judges and prosecutors in court, and what type of evidence is most effective in minimizing the consequences of those charges.

Contact an attorney today to see what could be done in your situation.