Why Clients Choose Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew Crowley

Below, Prince William drug lawyer Matthew Crowley discusses why clients choose to work with him in criminal drug cases. To learn what Mr. Crowley can do for your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Approach to Drug Crimes in Prince William County, VA

Clients choose to work with me in their Prince William County drug cases for several reasons including the following:


One of them is my reputation. I enjoy an excellent reputation among my peers and among my clients who have dealt with me over the years. There are reviews that are available online and people can easily look for themselves to find out what my reputation is. But people also enjoy working with me and choose to work with me because they find out from the first moment that they talk to me that they’re going to receive a very high level of attention and a very high level of focus. I’m going to get down into the weeds with them on the details of their case, also on the details of their lives and the particular impact it may have on them.

Every case is the same in some respects and every case is different in some respects, but certainly every client is different in the way that a charge can impact them, and the particular concerns that they’re going to have. For example in the Northern Virginia area security clearances are frequently an issue, commercial driver’s license is frequently an issue, and other employment issues frequently come up. These are all things that I take the time to find out about from the beginning and continue to focus on and learn about all the way through.  Security clearance issues are an area I have taken particular time to become very well versed in.

Approach to Criminal Defense

Finally, clients choose to work with me because of the twofold approach that I take towards defending their cases. The first prong of that approach is that I am aggressive in every single phase of the representation. I’m aggressive in wanting to find out all the information I can, I’m aggressive in learning everything that I can from the police and from the prosecutor, I am aggressive in asserting my client’s rights, I’m aggressive in defending their rights, and I’m aggressive and confident in a trial setting and very well-situated to make sure that they get the best outcome in that setting.

On the other hand, the second prong of this, is that I have spent many years, and in every case, focused significant attention on developing good relationships with all the players involved when it’s possible from police to prosecutors to the judges. Having good working relationship of mutual respect often can be the difference in a case in terms of either getting an important piece of information or simply getting favorable treatment in humanizing a particular client to a prosecutor or a judge.