Virginia Reckless Driving Charges for Out of State Drivers

If you have been charged with reckless driving in Virginia as an out of state driver it is in your best interest to contact a Virginia reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney will be able to tell you the penalties you are facing in your home state and how this charge impacts your life. Additionally, a lawyer will be able to help you mount a strong defense to attempt and get your charges reduced.

Can a Virginia Reckless Driving Charge Affect Out of State Drivers With Licenses From Another States?

Each state is different. Some states will not recognize the traffic convictions of other states. Some states will not recognize the points associated with those traffic convictions. But most state are part of a mutual reporting compact which requires that charges as serious as reckless driving be reported, so out of state drives and general anticipate there will be some impact at home. It’s important to speak with attorney so you can get an idea of what’s unique about your state. Many times, reckless driving and the way it’s treated are more serious in Virginia than it will be treated in another state but in others the impact is severe.

Do Out of State Drivers Need to Show up in Virginia Court For Reckless Driving Charges?

Yes.  If somebody is charged with reckless driving, they’ll be given a court date at which they need to appear. If they don’t appear, the judge will have a couple of options. They can try them in their absence or they can issue a show cause or capias (arrest warrant) to try to make the person appear for court. It is best if you show up to your court date rather than risk a potential warrant, however, in many cases appearance can be waived if counsel is retained.

Can You Simply Pay The Fine Associated With a Reckless Driving Ticket to Get it Over With?

By just accepting a finding of guilt on reckless driving charge, you could face a fine, loss of driving privileges in Virginia (and in some cases loss of license in your home state), as well as many years of insurance consequences. The fine can be substantial, but even worse, you now have a misdemeanor conviction on your record which you cannot get rid of unless you appeal the case.

In Virginia, there’s a very tight window to appeal. It’s only 10 days. That’s why it’s important to make sure you understand all your options and do everything you can to avoid the misdemeanor conviction which becomes a part of your permanent record.

What Are Some Common Questions You Are Asked From Out of State Drivers Facing Reckless Driving Charges For the First Time?

Out of state drivers frequently want to know exactly how serious reckless driving is in Virginia. Are they going to jail? Are they paying a high fine? What’s the effect of a Virginia license suspension for somebody from another state?

These are important questions because it is important not to risk your license or Virginia driving privileges, or potential jail time with a reckless driving case. To be in the best possible situation to get the case reduced.

How Do You Answer Questions From Out of State Drivers About Reckless Driving?

Each state is different but I focus on what the allegations are in each case. In some cases, you can tell right away that the person is in a good situation to get the case reduced. In others, you know it’s more serious. That they could be facing a potential license suspension or high fines and in still others you know there’s a possibility that they could spend a weekend or more in jail.

It’s important to make sure ahead of time the client has a complete understanding of the entire range of potential punishment so that when you go into court on their behalf, when you’re representing them, they understand what the possibilities are, what the risks are, and how they can help themselves before their court date to get the case resolved.