Client Reviews

We take pride in providing each of our clients with reliable, trusted and hardworking representation. Please take a moment to read reviews from some of our past successful cases.

Outstanding representation – All charges were dropped. From the beginning Matthew was incredible, taking time to answer all my questions and was always prompt to respond to inquiries and text messages. I was facing a driving on a suspended license charge and a minor infraction and his skillful representation resulted in the prosecutor voluntaryily pulling both charges. Having never before faced a charge like this (which potentially could have included jail time if convicted) it was reassuring to have counsel who took time to always answer my questions and make me feel as calm as possible throughout. If you are in need of a criminal defense or traffic offense attorney, without a doubt Matthew Crowley gets my recommendation and a 5+ star rating.

Mr. Crowley provided outstanding legal service for my father and we are beyond thankful for his help. My father was wrongfully charged for possession of a marijuana and reckless driving; other attorneys had told us that the 1st offenders program would be my father’s best scenario and would tell us to settle for that because we had no chance of getting my father’s drug charges dismissed. Mr. Crowley did not only provide hope for my father, but he saved my father’s job by getting the drug possession completely dismissed without the 1st offenders program and the reckless driving charge reduced to improper driving. Thank you Mr. Crowley!!

I don’t even know where to start. Mr. Crowley is by far the most professional lawyer I’ve worked with. He kept in touch with me every step of the way and thanks to his due diligence and perseverance he was able to get all my charges dropped! I am beyond happy and satisfied with his services and I will recommend him to any and everyone in need of a lawyer. Thank you again Mr. Crowley!

I was a client of Mr. Crowley who represented me in traffic court in Fairfax County. I would like to take this opportunity to say that Mr. Crowley did a very thorough job of representing me in my case. He provided outstanding advice and instruction before, during, and after my case. He did an exceptional job collecting information and preparing me for my day in court. He made my experience very pleasant, given the circumstance, and kept me informed the entire time. He really knows the Virginia traffic laws and was very knowledgeable about Fairfax County processes and personnel. I would highly recommend Mr. Crowley for anyone looking for legal services in the northern Virginia area!

I appreciate how quickly the admin team reached out and got my case assigned. Matthew was easy to work with – he was knowledgeable, efficient, and understanding. God forbid I ever get into a similar situation, but I would definitely hire Matthew/the Firm again. Thank you!

My experience with Mr. Crowley was incredible. Mr. Crowley represented me for over a year and even with the odds stacked against me, worked the case to it’s best possible outcome in my favor. I recommend Mr. Crowley to anyone seeking legal representation.

Mr. Crowley provided outstanding legal service for my father and we are beyond thankful for his help. We were told by other attorneys that we had no hope, but Mr. Crowley was able to prove my father’s innocence and leave the court room without one dismissed charge and the other reduced to an infraction! I highly recommend him!