Prince William County Aggressive Driving Charges

Facing aggressive driving charges in Virginia? Consult with a Prince William aggressive driving lawyer today to discuss your case and what steps you can take to minimize the harm of your charge. Read below to learn more about what aggressive driving entails, before calling and scheduling a consultation with a Prince William traffic lawyer.

Aggressive Driving In Prince William County

Under Virginia law a person is guilty of aggressive driving if they violate a number of actions of Virginia law and act as a hazard to another person or act with intent to harass, intimidate, injure, or destruct another person. The types of violations can include:

  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Failing to observe lanes marked for traffic
  • Following too closely

Many other violations can also be considered aggressive driving as well, especially if it poses a hazard to other people.

Penalties For Aggressive Driving in Prince William County

Aggressive driving in Virginia is punished as a Class 2 Misdemeanor, however, aggressive driving with the intent to injure another person is punished as a Class 1 Misdemeanor. In addition to both penalties, the court may require a person who is convicted to complete an aggressive driving program.

Due to these serious consequences it is important that if you are accused you consult with a Prince William aggressive driving lawyer to discuss your case.

Common Ways Aggressive Driving is Charged

Some of the common ways aggressive driving is charged are in scenarios where there are large amounts of traffic on the highway and people are moving quickly in and out of lanes in an attempt to get ahead. Other times aggressive driving is charged when there is an argument or a disagreement between two drivers which results is aggressive or dangerous driving of some kind.

Officers are looking for dangerous maneuvers, quickly made lane changes, or abrupt stops in addition to high rates of speed when they are attempting to detect when someone has broken a Virginia aggressive driving law.

Aggressive driving is a fairly common offense in Prince William County because of the major highways that go through it that have so many commuters on them during the week. People frequently get frustrated in those traffic jams and unfortunately that not infrequently results in aggressive driving charges. Commonwealth’s attorneys do prosecute these cases aggressively in Prince William County because aggressive driving often leads to accidents, people being hurt, as well as in some cases physical violence.

Contacting A Prince William Reckless Driving Lawyer

If a person is charged with aggressive driving in Prince William County, they should anticipate that the case will be tried in the General District Court of Prince William County, that they will need to have a trial on the matter unless there is a plea agreement that is reached beforehand, and that it will be treated very seriously both by the court and by the prosecution.

A Prince William County aggressive driving lawyer can assist by identifying best defenses, knowing what common prosecution tactics are, and giving the person the best opportunity to lessen the charge or have it dismissed at trial.

In addition, an experienced Prince William County aggressive driving lawyer will know the prosecutors, the police, the judges, and have a good understanding of how to win at trial as well as the best ways to reach favorable plea agreements in cases where that is appropriate. Call today to discuss your case.