Prince William County Underage DUI Lawyer

The laws concerning individuals under the age of 21 who are pulled over for suspicion of DUI are generally the same as for adults, although the burden of proof of is lower to prove the extent of intoxication, and the legal penalties are somewhat more severe.

There is a separate DUI statute from the standard DUI law that applies to underage consumption DUIs, although underage DUIs are still considered to be DUIs. Unlike the standard legal limit of a .08 blood alcohol content level for adults, the legal limit for underage drivers is only .02.

If you are under the age of 21 and have been charged with a DUI, you should reach out to an accomplished DUI lawyer right away. Let a Prince William County underage DUI lawyer advocate for you.

What to Expect in an Underage DUI Case

Someone under the age of 21 should expect their DUI case to involve multiple court dates. Also, defendants should know that the plea offers by prosecutors are only moderately favorable compared to normal DUI plea offers. If the accused is less than 18 years old, the underage DUI will be heard in the Prince William County Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. If the accused is 18 or older, the case will be heard in the General District Court.

The penalties for an underage DUI conviction are a minimum fine of $500 and a license revocation for one year. It is possible to get a restricted license during that year of revocation after enrolling in ASAP, but not guaranteed. Depending on the accused’s age, there might also be a mandatory administrative penalty to take an approved eight-hour driver improvement program for no reward like there would be if the accused had taken the course voluntarily.

Because the threshold BAC limit is so low for underage consumption DUIs, it is much more challenging to win at trial. Most of these cases resolve in plea bargains unless the accused has an unusually strong legal defense, rather than just standard mitigating circumstances. An underage DUI lawyer in Prince William County is experienced in these cases and could fight for the best outcome possible for the defendant.

How Do Prosecutors and Judges Treat Underage DUI Cases

Someone under the age of 21 should expect the process of their DUI case to involve more efforts by prosecutors, parents, police, and judges to teach a lesson to the defendant about drinking and driving, in a way that is more dramatic than how standard DUI cases are handled. This is because there is an added layer of culpability to underage consumption DUIs since the original consumption of alcohol was also illegal on top of the subsequent driving behavior.

Underage DUIs are prosecuted vigorously in Prince William County. Also, underage DUI sentences are more severe than of-age DUI sentences in terms of having a higher mandatory fine, and non-guaranteed eligibility to get a restricted license during the year following the date of conviction. Therefore, it is crucial for a defendant to obtain a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible.

How a Prince William County Underage DUI Attorney Could Help

Underage DUI convictions can easily derail or deter an adolescent’s immediate life prospects in terms of school, jobs, and extra-curricular activities that require the ability to drive and a clean criminal record. They are also a serious red flag on insurance rates and policies. If there is any way to significantly avoid or lessen the impact of an underage DUI conviction, a local experienced lawyer is a person’s best bet in figuring that out and implementing an effective defense strategy. Call a Prince William County underage DUI lawyer today.