Prince William County Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug violations are common but serious infractions in Prince William County. If convicted for such an offense, a person could face substantial jail time and fines. Someone who has been charged with any type of drug violation should contact an experienced Prince William County drug possession lawyer immediately. A reliable drug attorney could examine the factors surrounding your case and work to develop a credible defense strategy. Call and schedule a legal consultation to begin discussing your potential legal options today.

Defining Drug Possession

In Virginia, “possession” is a legal concept that is comprised of two components. The first component is knowledge and the second component is control. One must have both knowledge of and control over a substance in order to possess it. When someone physically has drugs on their person, such as in a pocket or in one’s hand, it is called actual possession. When someone possesses something that is nearby but not physically touching the person, it is called constructive possession. Possession may also be shared among more than one person at the same time which is called joint possession.

Common Drug Possession Incidents

A person is most commonly found possessing illegal drugs when their clothes or cars are searched by the police. If an officer is searching someone or their car because they have seen indications of drugs, such as visible drug paraphernalia, or because they have smelled the odor of drugs when conversing with someone up close with the window cracked, the officer’s recovery of drugs may lead to an arrest and a possession charge.

Less often, drugs are found in people’s houses when police have an unrelated reason to search the house, or when the police have gathered enough intelligence about a particular person or property to secure a search warrant for drugs. It is also possible for people to be charged with possession when the police only find residue or scant remains of drugs on someone’s person or property. Even the slightest testable amount of the drug could allow an officer to charge someone for a drug violation.

Typically, the drugs that are considered illegal to possess in Prince William County are any substance listed in one of the six drug schedules in the Virginia Drug Control Act. A person who has been arrested and charged with any drug violation should contact an aggressive Prince William County drug possession lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney who understands the severity of a drug violation could help research different legal solutions that may be effective in court.

Severity of a Drug Possession Charge

Law enforcement’s prioritization for simple possession offenses largely depends upon the particular drug in question. If it is a lower schedule drug that is not particularly harmful or dangerous, law enforcement may be uninterested in the case. If it involves a mid or high schedule drug, law enforcement generally would be more interested in pursuing the case. Sometimes law enforcement is so invested in combating a particular drug that they offer to give a possession defendant some type of deal. However, such an exchange typically involves the accused assisting in finding the drug manufacturer or distributor.

The other factor that could enhance the seriousness of a possession charge to law enforcement is whether the nature of the possession implies that the person had an intent to distribute drugs to other people for profit. When the prosecutor or law enforcement believe a person was attempting to distribute the alleged drugs, the individual could face even more severe legal penalties. A seasoned drug possession lawyer in Prince William County could advocate on an accused person’s behalf and work to fight any charge enhancements. To further reduce the chances of a charge enhancement, a person may want to refrain from speaking or issuing statements to law enforcement or the prosecutor without legal counsel present. Any statements made could be used against a person in the court of law.

Consult a Professional Drug Possession Attorney in Prince William County

A conviction for drug possession may lead to extensive legal penalties and a permanent criminal record. Anyone accused of a drug possession offense should contact a dedicated drug lawyer who can fight for their rights. Call and schedule an appointment to start building a comprehensive legal defense.