Prince William County Drug Enforcement

Drugs are a serious problem in Prince William County and they are taken very seriously by the police, prosecutors, and judges. The reality is that a huge percentage of inmates in prisons throughout the United States, and this is true in the Commonwealth of Virginia, including in Prince William County, are incarcerated on drug offenses.

It can also be seen in the resources that localities and states pour into not just the prison systems, but also drug task forces and forensic centers which primarily process and analyze materials to determine whether they’re illegal drugs.

In addition to that, they have extensive programs for training and utilizing drug dogs, of which there are numerous such dogs in Prince William County, which are frequently used during the course of routine traffic stops where the dog is walked around the stopped vehicle to detect drugs.

Prince William Law Enforcement and Drug Investigations

Drug charges are something that Prince William County law enforcement have been attempting to crack down on. There are several units within the Prince William County police which are specially designated to handle these.

For example, the Special Investigations Bureau investigates drug activity in the county and participates in drug enforcement task forces at the local, state, and federal level such as regional narcotic task forces.

In addition, prosecutors and judges are taking drug offenses more seriously all the time as well. So whereas in many jurisdiction, possessing a small amount of marijuana is something that results in the civil fine or may even be legal, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it’s always a class 1 misdemeanor with a potential jail sentence and particularly when someone is looking at a second offense of a third offense, there can be significant jail time or even a felony charge. These things are taken very seriously in the state of Virginia and particularly in Prince William County.

Drug Enforcement Priorities in Prince William County

Prince William law enforcement is cracking down on several drugs in particular. These seem to be the ones that are most popular and are in their eyes causing the most trouble. So, of course, always marijuana is something that they are cracking down on and this seems to have more to do with the fact that it is everywhere, that it is so prevalent, that people are able to grow it in their own homes.

Marijuana Enforcement

There’s simply just a lot of opportunity for law enforcement to be coming into contact with marijuana. Officers are trained on what it smells like and it is extremely common during the course of an investigation for drug possession or DUI or some other criminal offense involving traffic stop for an officer to testify that when they approach the driver of the vehicle with window down that they smelled marijuana.

Methamphetamine Enforcement

In addition to that, methamphetamine is another drug that is on the rise in terms of usage in Virginia and in Prince William County. Part of this again is the widespread availability of the drug and the ability of people who are not terribly sophisticated to manufacture the drug.

Heroin Enforcement

In addition, heroin has been a big area of focus during the last year, as there have been numerous, numerous heroin-related deaths in Prince William and the surrounding counties. There seems to have been some bad heroin or dangerous heroin that has been on the market. With danger to the public being even greater than it had been, there’s been a lot of focus on that drug in particular.