Building a Defense Against Prince William County Drug Charges

Contacting a defense attorney is almost always free and almost always informative, so there is almost never a reason not to contact one. The main benefit of contacting an attorney about a potential case is to get a more precise idea of what to expect before, during, and after the case has been decided. It is very unsettling and unhelpful for a layperson to allow a case to proceed against them with no real idea of what should be happening and why.

If you are facing drug charges, you should not hesitate to contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer. Building a defense against Prince William County drug charges involves detailed analysis and skilled negotiation, but an attorney could help.

First Steps After Being Charged with a Drug Offense

To avoid self-incrimination or harsher sentencing when caught for drugs in Prince William County, individuals should not:

  • Confess to the charge outright
  • Take the blame for someone else
  • Attempt to affirmatively deceive the police with false information

Instead, someone facing drug charges should exercise the right to remain silent get in touch with an experienced drug defense attorney immediately. They should not attempt to speak with the police, prosecution, court, media, or other potential case witnesses before getting advice from an attorney. Gather up and keep all documentation related to the case in one place for presentation to a lawyer, as well as any pre-existing favorable evidence one might have such as cell phone pictures or social media content from potential witnesses.

Drug Charges are Difficult to Fight Without an Attorney

Drug charges can seriously impact a person’s immediate and indefinite future, both inside and outside the legal system. The assistance of a lawyer is as important as the adverse consequences of drug convictions. Drug cases are also harder for a non-lawyer to understand or effectively litigate on their own as opposed to more conventional cases like traffic or shoplifting charges.

Many drug cases necessitate negotiation or at least communication with adverse parties like police officers and prosecutors who will not be willing to openly communicate with a self-represented defendant. It is also hard to imagine a normal person being more skilled at getting the best outcome in a drug case for themselves over the efforts of an experienced criminal attorney. This is especially true if the person is being held in jail pending trial, which frequently happens in drug cases.

How an Attorney Approaches Drug Charges

An attorney would begin negotiations with the prosecutor about ways that the case could be shortened, reduced, or resolved with alternative outcomes before a trial takes place. If that task proves unfruitful, an attorney will prepare for trial with an emphasis on convincing the judge or jury to entertain a reduced sentencing strategy over the prosecution’s opposition.

Important Information to Share With a Lawyer

A person should be able to tell an attorney the name and severity of their charge as well as the associated code section and court date. All of this should be visible on the Summons or Warrant that was used to charge the person with the offense by the police. An attorney will also want to know the client’s candid version of events as to how they came to be charged with the offense and what criminal record they already have, if any. An attorney also may need to elicit certain housing, employment, and family information if the person is being held without bail when they first contact an attorney through a third party.

Get in Touch With a Prince William County Drug Attorney

Aside from providing a reasonable understanding of the charges and related litigation, defense attorneys can also influence the outcome of a case in a defendant’s favor in ways that would not be achievable without an attorney. This could potentially save someone from years of imprisonment and thousands of dollars in fines, and many other collateral consequences as well as having a criminal record in and of itself. For help building a defense against Prince William County drug charges, call an experienced lawyer today.