Prince William County Drug Cases

Possession, distribution, or manufacturing can be charged in a variety of circumstances depending on the nature of the drugs, the quantity of the drugs, and the circumstances surrounding the police discovering them. Contact an attorney who has experience in handling drug cases in Prince William county if you have been charged.

In some cases police have been investigating an individual or group of individuals for some time and make arrests at the time of an alleged buy or subsequent to the execution of search warrants upon individuals or homes.

In many other cases, police encounter an individual for reasons having nothing to do with drugs and during that encounter discover drugs. One common way this happens is during a routine traffic stop where either an officer smells marijuana or a police dog alerts to the presence of of drugs. In other scenarios, police have responded to domestic violence call for example and discover drugs or even find drug manufacturing operations inside homes. Basically anytime there’s a possibility for an encounter with the police, there is the possibility for an arrest if drugs are present.

Common Ways Drug Crimes are Charged in Prince William County

Common scenarios with prescription drugs offenses arise are when a person is in possession of drugs that were prescribed for someone else such as a family member or a friend. If a drug is illegal to possess without a prescription, it’s illegal for anyone to have it besides the person for whom the prescription is written.

Prescription drug-related offenses can also involve:

  • The forging of the prescription
  • The alteration of an authentic prescription
  • The illegal filling or writing of a prescription

Prescription-Related Prince William County Drug Charges

You can be arrested even if you have a prescription if you were carrying a prescription drug which is illegal to have without a prescription in an unmarked bottle or container, or without its prescription packaging. Police are not going to know when they encounter something that looks like illegal drugs whether there is a valid prescription, unless the bottle is present.

If the quantity is great enough, one can be charged with possessing with the intent to distribute illegal drugs. Things like the presence or absence of the pharmacy packaging along with the presence or absence of other kinds of packaging will affect the outcome.

What Determines the Severity of the Allegations in Prince William County?

Numerous factors determines the severity of the drug charge. This can be everything from the type of drug to the quantity of drug to the location of the drug.

So for example, possessing heroin is a felony and it’s more serious than possessing marijuana which is a misdemeanor, but possessing a significant quantity of marijuana will result in a felony charge.

In addition, drug activity in and around schools is treated more seriously and will trigger additional penalties. Even just growing a recreational amount of marijuana at home can result in a possession with intent to distribute charge since the plants themselves are often weighed for the purposes of determining quantity and not merely the usable parts of the plant.