Prince William County Drug Lawyer

Drug possession, distribution (sale), and production are illegal in the state of Virginia. If you’ve been charged with drug crimes in Virginia, you owe it to yourself to speak with a Prince William County drug lawyer who can provide you with the knowledge and aid you require to understand and fight the charges against you.

How Can a Prince William County Drug Lawyer Help?

When facing drug charges, you can try to rely on your own legal knowledge, or you can opt to work with a knowledgeable and qualified Prince William County drug attorney who knows the details of each drug law, how to argue the law, and how to best defend you.

One of the easiest ways to determine how a drug attorney can help is to speak with one directly. Ask questions, share your concerns, and be open and honest with them about the details of your case and your involvement. The criminal defense lawyers at our firm know Prince William Drug County and understand how to effectively defend clients within the local court system.

Drug Laws in Virginia

The Commonwealth of Virginia is very serious about controlling the use, distribution, and production of illegal drugs, so much so they have more than 50 active laws pertaining to drug possession, sale, production, and advertisement.

Rather than list each law we can draw general information from Virginia Code Section 18.2-248 which states that it is illegal for anyone to possess, give, sell, distribute, or manufacture a controlled substance. It is also illegal to possess the drugs with the intent to sell, give, or distribute unless you’re exempt from the law via the Virginia Drug Control Act. The list of what’s considered an illegal controlled substance can be found in Schedule I. This list includes marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and narcotic prescription drugs.

Drugs which were legally purchased in other jurisdictions, such as marijuana, may still be illegal to possess in Virginia and trigger charges that carry serious consequences.  This is true even for “first offenders.”

Most people know drugs are illegal, but knowing and understanding the ins and outs of each of the 50+ drug laws in Virginia takes an experienced Prince William County drug lawyer.  Some of the more common defenses include that the alleged crime was committed as an “accommodation” for another or that the search which resulted in the charges was illegal. In many cases charges and consequences can be lessened and in some cases, charges may ultimately be dropped after a period of probation and the fulfillment of other requirements.  Only an experienced criminal defense lawyer will know what defenses are available or if you qualify for a “first offender” disposition.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

Because there are so many drug laws in place in Virginia it’s understandable that penalties for breaking these laws can vary depending on which law is violated, the amount of drugs confiscated, where the act took place, and how many times you’ve broken the drug laws.

In most drug cases, possessing with intent to sell, manufacturing, distributing, or simple possession of an illegal controlled substance listed in Schedule I is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $500,000. Subsequent convictions carry penalties that climb in sharply in severity; $1 million in fines and/or life imprisonment are penalties on the far end of the spectrum.

Navigating Virginia drug laws can be confusing and challenging, but a Prince William County drug lawyer may be able to guide you through the laws pertaining to your particular case so you are better equipped in the courtroom.

Finding a Prince William County Drug Lawyer

Drug charges are serious, and the penalties for these charges can literally steal your life away. A Prince William County drug lawyer is a valuable asset to you in your fight against the accusations. Their knowledge and possible experience and qualifications may mean the difference between a fine and years in prison. Before the ink is dry on your warrant, you might want to contact a drug attorney.