Prince William County Domestic Violence Penalties

When building a defense case for domestic violence, an accused person may need to consider in a number of factors. Since the unique facts of a specific person’s situation could lead to a number of Prince William County domestic violence penalties, accused individuals are recommended to contact a defense lawyer. An accomplished attorney could advise you on how to proceed with your case.

Potential Penalties for a Domestic Violence Offense

There are numerous potential legal and non-legal penalties associated with a domestic violence conviction in Prince William County. If a defendant is convicted, or even simply participates in the statutory first-offender program, they could lose their right to possess firearms under federal law whether the charge is a misdemeanor or felony. Neither a conviction nor a dismissal after a first-offender program could be expunged under Virginia law.

If convicted, a person is at risk of being subjected to the standard amount of fines and jail time and could also face various civil or criminal protective orders for one or more years after the case is over. Violation of those orders could result in further charges being issued, effectively prolonging the underlying case. Even if obeyed, the orders could also effectively result in the loss of one’s residence, child custody rights, or unfavorably affect pending divorce proceedings and job applications.

Another typical component of a domestic violence conviction is a demanding period of supervised probation under which the defendant is required to complete domestic-abuse awareness or anger-management programs to avoid prolonged incarceration. The social stigma resulting from domestic violence convictions in one’s personal life and in certain industries of employment could cause substantial inconvenience far into the future.

Potential Enhanced Penalties

As with other areas of the law, domestic violence offenses in Prince William’s County could present enhanced penalties for the accused in the form of mandatory minimum jail sentences, elevated levels of misdemeanors and felonies, and prolonged court orders prohibiting contact between the accused and the claimant.

Aggravating Factors

The most common aggravating factors to enhanced penalties in Prince William’s County domestic violence cases are typically prior convictions for the same offense within a certain number of years and whether the new offense was committed while the accused was under a related court order forbidding harmful contact with the claimant. An attorney could help a person understand how any potential aggravating factors may affect their case.

Contact a Prince William County Domestic Violence Lawyer Immediately

A defense attorney could best help you understand Prince William County domestic violence penalties. The sooner a person consults a domestic violence lawyer, the sooner they could maximize their prospects for favorably resolving the charge. While defendants in domestic violence cases are typically in need of a legal professional for their experience and for their impartiality amid the emotionally-charged nature of domestic violence cases.