Prince William Domestic Violence Lawyer

A disagreement with a family member can quickly escalate, and before you know it, you may be under arrest for assault and battery against a family or household member. If this happens, act quickly and call a Prince William County domestic violence lawyer. We understand that the situation may not be as it appears to an arresting officer, and we can help you shed light on the situation, working to bring your case to a positive conclusion. A domestic violence lawyer in Prince William can be your greatest ally throughout the legal process.

Why Do I Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

In Virginia, the decision whether or not and arrest will be made, and charges sought, is up to police and the ultimate decision as to whether a case goes forward lies with the prosecutor assigned to the case. Many people believe that if one person does not wish to press charges against another, or decide after and arrest they do not want to pursue the charges to trial, the case is automatically dropped. This is not the case.

If you are arrested for domestic abuse, it is important that you quickly call a Prince William County domestic violence attorney to represent you. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the charge will simply go away, and do not believe that you can simply explain the situation to law enforcement officers. When police tell you that “anything you say can and will be used against you,” they mean it. This includes seemingly innocuous statements you make to clear things up that can subsequently be used to make you seem guilty.

While you should take an arrest seriously, you should not have to worry needlessly. In Manassas and throughout Prince William County, our domestic violence lawyers have helped men and women like you to successfully resolve their cases.

Each case is unique, and we can tailor a defense strategy to your particular circumstances. Common defense strategies that are often successful include:

  • Countering and challenging statements and testimony by accusers and witnesses
  • Demonstrating that any physical contact was in self defense rather than an act of aggression
  • Providing evidence of false allegations
  • Negotiating a plea to a lesser charge or a plea in exchange for jail alternatives including anger management treatment or parenting education

After an allegation of abuse, you may feel isolated from your family, and it may seem as if the legal process is keeping you from restoring your family. Our Prince William domestic violence lawyers can help you put the incident behind you.

Virginia Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence goes by many names: family abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, and domestic assault, for example. In the Virginia statutes, it is known as “assault and battery against a family or household member” (Virginia Code Section 18.2-57.2). While we typically think of domestic violence as spousal abuse, intimate partner violence, or child abuse, the law allows charges to be filed in cases involving people who do not share an immediate family relationship (see Virginia Code Section 16.1-228).

In general, a first offense of domestic assault and battery of a family or household member is a Class 1 misdemeanor that brings a maximum penalty of one year in jail.

However, if a person has two or more prior domestic violence convictions or other specified assault conviction, the charge is enhanced to a Class 6 felony, which makes it even more important a Prince William domestic violence attorney is contacted as this charge is punishable by 1 to 5 years in prison.

A Prince William Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Fight For You

The potential penalties of a domestic violence conviction can be frightening to anyone charged in Prince William County, but you do not have to be afraid. Call to schedule your risk-free, confidential discussion with a Prince William domestic violence defense lawyer ready to help you fight the charge head on.