Prince William County Assault

Assault Lawyer in Prince William CountyBeing arrested for an assault offense and facing the Virginia court system can be frightening, but you are not alone. However, a Prince William assault lawyer can explain the process you face and work diligently toward a solution to help you put this experience behind you. Call to speak with an assault attorney in Prince William County who is ready to fight for you.

Why Hire a Prince William Assault Lawyer?

Assault charges may follow something that started as a simple disagreement and escalated into threats or a physical dispute. Sometimes, law enforcement officers are left to make a subjective judgment call in the face of conflicting witness testimony, and the person arrested may not be the instigator at all.

If you have had an assault charge filed against you in Prince William General District Court or the Prince William Circuit Court, it is important to have legal counsel and defense representation by a Prince William assault lawyer familiar with the local courts and Virginia’s assault laws.

Some strategies for fighting an assault charge include:

  • Preserving your rights during questioning
  • Providing evidence of self-defense
  • Challenging witness testimony
  • Negotiating plea agreements for minimal sentencing

At all steps during the criminal justice process, your Prince William assault attorney should advocate for you, explaining the charge and potential penalties, keeping you updated about developments in your case, protecting your rights as a defendant, and offering legal counsel that helps you make decisions regarding your case.

What are the Virginia Assault Laws?

Types of assault which may result in enhanced charges and penalties:

  • Assault and battery resulting in bodily injury
  • “Hate crimes,” or committing an assault against another person because of his or her race, religion, color, or national origin
  • Assault with a firearm or dangerous weapon
  • Assault on a police officer or other protected employee, including emergency medical personnel, firefighters, judges, and school employees
  • Domestic violence, or assault and battery on a family or household member
  • Assault while committing a robbery
  • Malicious wounding

In Virginia, assault charges range from Class 1 misdemeanors to Class 2 felonies, and the severity of the penalties correlate with the seriousness of each charge.

Assault and battery are actually separate charges that are typically charged in concert. “Assault” is the threat of harm accompanied by the apparent power to execute it, and “battery” is the actual physical contact.

Simple assault and battery is a misdemeanor that carries a maximum jail term of 12 months. The actual sentence is often much lower, and in cases where dismissal is not possible, a Prince William assault lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea that can help you avoid jail.
These more serious assault & battery charges may be charged as felonies and often carry mandatory minimum sentences. Aggravated malicious wounding, for example, is a Class 2 felony punishable by 20 years to life in prison (Virginia Code Section 18.5-51.2).

A Prince William Assault Lawyer Can Help

If you have been charged with assault or assault and battery in Manassas or elsewhere in Prince William, help is available to you. Call today to speak candidly and confidentially with a Prince William assault lawyer equipped to handle your case.