Consequences of Prince William County Criminal Charges

The following is taken from an interview with Prince William County criminal defense attorney Matthew Crowley as he discusses criminal offense and their accompanying penalties. To discuss your case or learn more about common penalties in Prince William County, call today and schedule a free consultation.

What Are The Top Three Things Everyone Should Know About Facing Criminal Charges In Prince William County?

The top three things that a person should know about criminal charges in Prince William County are number one, that every criminal charge is treated seriously. Every criminal charge from the most serious of crimes all the way down to a reckless driving have the potential to have short term and long term impacts on your life.

The second most important thing to know in the course of Prince William County criminal case is don’t talk to anyone about your case except for your lawyer. Do not answer questions of police and do not share information about your case with friends or relatives.

Finally, you are going to need a lawyer and it’s important that you contact a lawyer at the very first opportunity you have whether or not you have been arrested yet.

What Would You Tell A Client Worried About Their Security Clearance?

I would tell a client concerned about their security clearance that any criminal charge can impact a clearance and that it’s one reason that hiring counsel is important, but that there are often ways to mitigate or eliminate the impact that they may have on a security clearance, the earlier in the process the better.

How Does Reckless Driving Conviction Impact Your Security Clearance?

Generally, reckless driving convictions do not impact a security clearance. However, there can be factors which will make a reckless conviction, which is a criminal conviction, more serious for particular individuals. A lawyer, such as myself, who is familiar with the Adjudicative Guidelines can advise you about this on a case by case basis.

Can A Criminal Charge Or Conviction Affect Your Immigration Status?

A criminal charge or conviction can affect your immigration status. All felonies and some misdemeanors do have the potential to cause an individual to be detained and to be placed into deportation proceedings. This varies and is impacted significantly by the particular kind of charge as well as the particular immigration status of an individual.  Even charges that in and of themselves would not trigger a detainer can call attention to a person whose visa has some other unrelated problem with it, which may at that time be unknown to the client.

This is something that should be reviewed with the attorney as soon as possible so that any concerns about immigration status or about immigration status can be addressed. Our firm has the benefit of having an immigration attorney on staff who is consulted in every case that involves immigration status issues.

What Should You Do If You’re Charged With a Crime While Visiting Prince William County, But You Live In Another State?

If you’re charged with a crime while visiting Prince William County, but you reside somewhere else in Virginia or outside of Virginia, the first thing that you should do is contact local counsel. In other words, you should contact a Prince William County attorney.

An attorney out of state is not going to be able to help you with the criminal matter because they are not admitted before Virginia Courts. Even if they are admitted before a Virginia court or if you were to contact a Virginia lawyer from another jurisdiction, they’re simply not going to have the experience and the familiarity with the local Courts and the personalities, processes, and procedures that someone who has a wealth of experience and is routinely in that Court will.