Working With Private Counsel

The following is taken from an interview with Prince William criminal defense lawyer Matthew Crowley as he discusses the advantages of working with private counsel. To discuss your case call today and schedule a free consultation.

Where Will An Individual Be Taken After They’re Arrested In Prince William County?

After an arrest in Prince William County an individual is taken to the Prince William Adult Detention Center. 

If Someone Is Charged With A Crime In Prince William County, What Are The First Things That Person Should Do?

If someone is charged in Prince William County, the first thing that they should do is talk to an attorney. There are important things that they need to know from the beginning in terms of what they should be doing and in terms of what they shouldn’t be doing.

But, if a person is not able to contact a lawyer right away for any reason, the first thing that they should do is not talk about their case to anyone other than their lawyer. They shouldn’t talk to police, their friends, or their family regarding the case. They should contact counsel at their very first opportunity.

What Is The Benefit Of Hiring An Attorney In A Law Firm As Opposed To A Solo Practitioner?

The benefit of hiring an attorney in a law firm as opposed to a solo practitioner is resources. An individual who practices in the law firm not only has the benefit of their own experience and their own thoughts, but also has access to a number of other top flight attorneys who in a collaborative effort are often able to help formulate the best strategies and develop the best tactics to give the person the best chance for the best possible legal outcome in the individual case.

Hiring a law firm usually will also mean that there are other resources which are available to the attorney which will free up their time to give more focus to the legal analysis and the defense of the case such as investigators, law clerks, legal assistants and others.

Why Should I Work With A Private Law Office As Opposed To Working With A Public Defender?

While there are certainly numerous competent public defenders, it continues to be true that they are overwhelmed by a large volume of work and that their offices are frequently in need of additional staff, funding, and resources.  In addition, public defenders offices are often training grounds for young attorneys.

What this means is that a public defender simply does not have the time or the energy to devote to a particular case that a lawyer in private practice does. When hiring a private attorney or a private law office, an individual simply gets a higher level of attention, a higher level of focus, a more thorough analysis, and simply better customer service and legal advocacy than they could ever secure from a public defender. This is one of those situations in life where you simply do get what you pay for.

Are There Any Questions You Are Frequently Asked By Potential Clients In Prince William County?

Potential clients in Prince William County are frequently anxious to know what impact their case may potentially have on their life. Whether they will potentially go to jail, whether their driver’s license will be affected, and maybe most commonly whether criminal charges will affect their employment, school, or their security clearance. Individuals want to know what the overall impact of a criminal case will be to their life in a worst case scenario, as well as a likely scenario.