Matthew Crowley’s Approach to Prince William County Traffic Cases

If you are facing a traffic offense in Prince William County, the following is information on Prince William County Traffic attorney Matthew Crowley’s approach. To learn more and discuss your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Why Do You Find Prince William County Traffic Cases Interesting?

Prince William County traffic cases are interesting because there are a large variety of them and there are numerous different types of offenses a person can be charged with under the Virginia Code. These situations are the most common ways in which people interface with the police. These situations are also scenarios in which constitutional protections under the Fourth and Fifth Amendment most frequently come up.

For example in order for a charge to stand, the police have to have a good reason to stop a person that’s supported either by reasonable suspicion or a probable cause. In other cases there are issues as to whether statements that are made by individuals can be used against them in court.

I enjoy doing traffic law and doing a variety of different sorts of traffic defense in Prince William County because these are the kinds of cases where good lawyering can make the biggest difference and where a good understanding of what the Virginia Code says, as well as experience with the local players in that county, can give me the best opportunity to have my client’s charges reduced or dismissed.

What Makes The Cases Challenging?

Prince William County traffic cases are challenging because traffic law in Prince William County is taken very seriously by police, by prosecutors, and by judges. In many cases, individuals have their freedom, their ability to drive, as well as fines on the line and in every case I want to make sure that people get the fairest treatment and the best result that they can from the legal system.

It’s always challenging to make sure that happens in every case and to make sure that clients’ individual needs are met. This is the reason that I like to tailor a defense to not just the statute a person is charged under, but also to the personalities that are involved from the police to the prosecutor, and perhaps most importantly, the individual needs of the client.

Why Do Clients Choose You To Help With Prince William County Traffic Cases?

Clients choose me to help them with their Prince William County traffic cases because I have a wealth of experience and an entire career of practicing traffic law in Northern Virginia. They choose me because I am accessible and spend all the time that I need to in order to understand not only the facts of their case, but also the particular needs that they have.

And finally, people choose me to help them with the Prince William traffic cases because of the excellent reputation that I enjoy and the good work that I have done for others.