Mecklenburg Gun Possession Lawyer

The process of legally possessing a firearm is easier in some ways since Mecklenburg is a rural area with a large hunting community rather than a big city. With that said, it depends on how the firearm came into possession.

An individual has to be 21 to hold a valid registration to lawfully carry a firearm in Mecklenburg. The exception to this would be if the person is hunting and the gun has been given to them by a family member.

A Mecklenburg gun possession lawyer can review local laws and how they may apply to your case if you are facing charges for holding or traveling with a gun. If you are facing penalties for illegal possession of a firearm, contact a skilled gun lawyer who can help you build an appropriate defense for your future.

Gun Ownership in Mecklenburg

Possession in Mecklenburg is not unusual because it has a big hunting community. Many purchase firearms because they enjoy shooting for target practice, skills, marksmanship.

When possessing a firearm, it is considered unwise to use or shoot it in an area someone is unfamiliar with. Shooting in an area that appears open or without signs of humans is a big risk to take, especially when it is an unknown area. Another reason this is discouraged is the many places approved for shooting in Mecklenburg. There are ranges, spaces that are intended and zoned for shooting, as well as hunting clubs. Some clubs have frequent run-ins with game and inland fishery. Speaking with a registered gun dealer and a Mecklenburg gun possession lawyer can be helpful when looking for lawful places to practice shooting.

Schools are the most important gun-free zones. Other public considerations when carrying a firearm is staying away from places or zones with signs that say “no firearms here.” It is a policy that every gun owner should be aware of.

Legal Documentation

If a person legally possesses a firearm in Mecklenburg, they should have registration or some other written form they obtained lawfully. Having documentation of legal possession also deters law enforcement from accusations of theft. A Mecklenburg gun possession lawyer would recommend keeping a copy of possession documentation either in the person’s car and home, especially if that person travels often with the gun.

Penalties for Illegal Possession

Any penalties for someone found illegally possessing a firearm will be dependent on their criminal history. As a part of the penalty for unlawful possession, the individual might be asked to give up their firearm. They can be charged with a felony for illegal possession of a firearm or a misdemeanor. Possessing a firearm while underage is seen as a less serious crime if someone with a felony or violent felony record faced penalties. Because there are escalating levels of severity when unlawfully possessing a gun, contacting a lawyer with the experience of Mecklenburg gun possession cases may be vital to the case’s outcome. Typically, the severity of the consequences will depend on the type of possession and the owner in question.

Mecklenburg gun laws are based on state law, not local crime. The laws are based on inherent danger and recklessness with guns. There is not a tremendous amount of intentional gun crimes. However, the State of Virginia has made improper possession a very serious crime with mandatory minimums. Being found guilty of unlawful possession is typically due to previous criminal records or crimes committed. Possessing a gun with a felony can result in 12 months to five years mandatory minimum prison time making it important those charged consult with a Mecklenburg gun possession attorney.