Mecklenburg Gun Lawyer 

Gun charges are treated very seriously in Mecklenburg in particular because there is a lot of hunting in the area, and as a result, there is a higher incidence of accidental gun injuries. Not only is there an inherent danger of guns when people intentionally attempt to harm others with them, but there are also many sport shooters who, through reckless or uninformed behavior, hurt themselves or others.  A Mecklenburg gun lawyer can be a great asset if you find yourself facing any gun-related charges. The counsel of a capable criminal defense attorney can make a great deal of difference in a gun case.

Common Gun or Firearm Offenses

The most common firearm offense in Mecklenburg is being a convicted felon of some type in possession of a firearm. Many people think that because a certain period of time has passed, or because they only had a minor case or a non-violent case, that they are allowed or entitled to have firearms. That is not the case, so they run a lot of records. When the police respond to calls and see a gun in the home and know a felon is in the home, they look into that very quickly.

There are also multiple rules about transportation. It is important to stay updated on Mecklenburg gun laws. If the firearms are concealed in a vehicle, they need to be in a compartment. During hunting season and all-year-round, a person can open carry. Often people in the county have firearms for hunting in gun racks in their vehicles which can lead to issues and contact with a Mecklenburg gun attorney.

Local  Ordinances on Concealed Carry

A person must be issued a concealed carry license through the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office and the Mecklenburg County Circuit Court. They are the two bodies that govern the issuing of local concealed carry permits.

Potential Penalties for a Gun Offense

Prosecutors treat gun offenses very seriously because of the inherent dangers of firearms and because people sometimes handle them recklessly. They also treat the cases seriously because, by law, there are very serious penalties for felony gun offenses in Virginia. Some of these penalties are mandatory minimum cases, which limits everyone’s options. The potential penalties are wide-ranging. There are different levels of offenses for different types of behaviors relating to guns. A common misdemeanor is brandishing a firearm, pointing the firearm at someone. That is a Class 1 misdemeanor.

There is also shooting too close to town. That is another Class 1 misdemeanor. If a person is a felon in possession of a firearm, that will lead to another felony. If the person is a violent felon, there will be an enhanced penalty. The penalties depend on the person’s criminal record and behavior with the firearm, an experienced Mecklenburg gun lawyer can help mitigate potential penalties an individual may face.

Benefits of a Mecklenburg Gun Lawyer

Having a persistent Mecklenburg gun lawyer is really important from the second a person is charged because they need to be addressing the case right away depending on the type of charges. Perhaps the person needs to explain the motivation for their behavior, for example, if the charge involves confrontational behavior.  The judge’s hands are tied in mandatory minimum cases, so the only way to get a better outcome is to convince the prosecutor. If the evidence is sufficient to convince the prosecutor to amend the charge to another type of charge, that will allow for something other than a mandatory minimum sentence.