Mecklenburg Drug Lawyer

In Maryland, drug charges are not taken lightly in court. Authorities are trying to crack down on drug use, so by doing this the penalties and consequences of drug crimes are very severe. These crimes include but are not limited to, the possession of illegal drugs, distribution of illegal drugs, and distribution via accommodation. It is essential to consult a highly experienced criminal lawyer if you have been charged with one of these charges. A Mecklenburg drug lawyer will be familiar with the ins and outs of the judicial system, which in turn gives you a huge advantage.

Qualifications of an Illegal Drug

Illegal drugs are characterized and categorized through different Schedules. Essentially a drug can be anything from a lower-class misdemeanor to a felony level of drug in the State of Virginia. Additionally, there are no exceptions in Mecklenburg that enable certain people to legally interact with any of these kinds of drugs.

Some common drugs, that have very harsh penalties, in Mecklenburg would be heroin, crack, and powder cocaine, followed by methamphetamine.Mecklenburg is currently having an influx of heroin in the community, and it is thought to be coming in from a county in a neighboring state. Heroin is a Schedule 1 which is a serious type of drug as far as the legal consequences and felony charges.

Abusing Prescription Drugs

If an individual does not have a prescription, it constitutes illegal possession. If an individual is abusing one of their prescriptions, then the abuse leads to something like a DUID, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs. That charge is the same as driving under the influence of alcohol if a person is not taking their prescriptions responsibly, and their behavior endangers other people in the community. They can be charged as if they had an illegal substance.


Different types of drugs are categorized differently by the federal government and, depending on what schedule the drug is, the penalty differs. The penalties can range from six months to decades based on the different type of drug and a different charge relating to the drug, which could be anywhere from possession to distribution charges and subsequent distribution.

The charges can range from a misdemeanor case, that would be heard in the General District Court, which faces penalties as little as six months in jail up to 12 months in jail. If an individual is facing charges of simple possession of a Schedule One or Two drug in the Circuit Court, for example, they would be facing up to 10 years in prison. A Mecklenburg drug lawyer can attempt to mitigate the penalties you face.

First Offender Options

If a person is in the General District Court, there are First Offender Options. These options are available in both courts, but it is much more difficult to receive any sort of first offender treatment in the Circuit Court because these charges carry a much longer and harsher sentence. The first offender option is only available for possession and nothing to do with distribution.

Potential Consequences

As far as a criminal record goes, the biggest issue is employment. If a person is planning to go into the medical field or any position of trust, the implications of criminal behavior or drug abuse problems are not appealing to many employers. Every job application asks the person to be straightforward about their criminal record, both at the misdemeanor level and a felony level, which prevents people from seeking a large number of jobs.

Benefits of a Mecklenburg Drug Attorney

Drug charges in Mecklenburg can have very debilitating penalties, ranging anywhere from six months to 10 years in prison. This can have perpetual effects on someone’s life whether it is their employment, or future drug or criminal charges. If you have been charged with any drug-related crimes, contact an experienced drug lawyer as soon a possible.

Local attorneys know what the judges want procedurally. Local attorneys know judges, prosecutors, and how the courts work. They know how to work with the prosecutors in a way that they do not become a nuisance. A person wants to go fluidly through the system. A Mecklenburg drug lawyer can help you get your life back on track by guiding you through the court process as well as creating a strong defense to use against the prosecution.

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