Fredericksburg Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes can be very intimidating because they are some of the most serious crimes and have some of the largest consequences. Any time a person is facing a sex crime charge, they are potentially looking at life-altering incarceration, but also at possibly being added to the sex offender registry. Such consequences can negatively change an individual’s life forever.

Sex crimes are a very specific kind of crime and they are prosecuted as such. The required proof is particular and the defenses and tactics that are used by both sides are individualized to this type of crime. For these reasons, it is important for any individual who has been charged with a sex crime to have a Fredericksburg sex crimes lawyer with a great deal of experience in this area and with the specific nature of such charges in their corner.

Sex Crimes Charges

There are a number of sex crimes with which an individual can be charged in Fredericksburg, including anything from indecent exposure to rape. Sex crimes involve crimes in which a person has been assaulted or battered in a way that involves the touching of their sexual parts.

In some cases, such touching is considered illegal due to the ages of the participants. In other cases, such touching is considered illegal because it occurs against the will of one of the participants. In general, the larger the age disparity between participants, the more serious the crime, even in those instances involving consent. Any circumstance in which a person is forced to participate in a sexual act against their will is extremely serious and can result in the perpetrator being put in prison for the rest of their life, making it imperative a sex crimes lawyer in Fredericksburg is contacted.

Investigations in sex crimes cases typically go on longer and are more in-depth than investigations in cases involving other types of crimes. In general, investigations in sex crimes cases involve interviewing a number of witnesses, including the alleged victim and defendant and family members of both parties.

The greatest factor that is individual to sex crime cases is the stigma that attaches to the possibility of being on the sex offender registry for a significant period of time. In general, inclusion in this registry has a number of secondary consequences outside of the court setting that may negatively impact an individual’s employment, security, and housing.

Felony Charges

Under Virginia law, a number of acts may constitute rape and are common in Fredericksburg. These acts include those that fall under the standard definition of rape, as well as other acts that are considered rape under Virginia law. Such other acts include instances in which an adult has sex with a child who is under the age of 14, or instances in which an adult touches a child’s sexual parts, but does not have sex with them. Even consensual sex acts among minors can be considered rape if the age difference between participants is large enough.

Consulting a Fredericksburg Sex Crimes Attorney

A Fredericksburg sex crime attorney’s primary role is to secure the best outcome possible for their client under the particular set of facts of the case. This is going to be done through investigation and tactics both before and during a trial, and with reference to the experience that the lawyer brings to the table. Because of the serious nature of sex crimes, trust is the most important thing you can have with your lawyer in a sex crimes case. It is important that you can put your trust in your sex crimes lawyer in Fredericksburg to look out for your best interest and to give their best effort in the case.