Hiring Defense for DUI Charges in Fairfax

How Can An Attorney Help Someone Fight a DUI Charge?

Answer: An attorney can explain to you exactly what the prosecution has to be able to prove in order to convict you Driving Under the Influence. He or she can also provide you with advice on how to fight the charge and how to the challenge the evidence against you. In a DUI case an officer must have reasonable articulable suspicion to pull you over and then probable cause in order to arrest you. A defense attorney can examine the evidence and determine whether or not the stop and arrest were good under the law. If not, the evidence can potentially be thrown out and the case could be dismissed. That’s why it’s important to understand your rights. Even if you have a BAC that is .08 or above, that does not mean that you have to be convicted of a DUI. There are ways to challenge that, and more importantly, there are ways for an experienced defense attorney to talk to a prosecutor to point out the problems with their case and potentially convince them to amend the charge.

Why Should Someone Hire An Attorney For a DUI Charge?

Answer: You want to hire an attorney to represent you for a DUI charge because you need to make sure you understand all the possible consequences of a DUI conviction; not just those that are written in the law, but those that can affect your personal life, your career, your license, and your ability to make a living in Virginia. Sometimes people don’t understand the full breadth of those consequences. Additionally, it is important so that you understand all of your legal rights and defenses to the charge. An attorney can help you fully understand the judicial process and ensure that you are afforded all of your legal rights and defenses, particularly when it comes to DUI stops, field sobriety tests, and what counts as admissible evidence.

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