Fairfax White Collar Crime Lawyer

There are a whole host of financial and white collar crimes in Fairfax, each of which can carry serious penalties for a conviction. Unfortunately, many white collar crime allegations are based off misunderstandings or preliminary investigations that appear to detect fraud, but do not.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, hiring a lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected and that the case against you is challenged in court. With the help of a Fairfax white collar crime lawyer who understands the unique nature and complexity of these financial investigations, you can raise a stiff defense that can be difficult for the prosecutors to overcome.

Different Types of White Collar Crimes

There are numerous white collar offenses. The only thing that they all have in common is that they are financial crimes that do not involve physical violence, but still lead to the taking of someone else’s property.

Because there is no physical element, white collar crimes are rarely punished like a violent crime, though the penalties for taking large sums of money through a white collar crime can still be a felony.


Perhaps the most common, and definitely the most wide-reaching, white collar crime is for fraud. Fraud involves the taking of someone else’s property through misrepresentation or deceit. Because of the breadth of what can constitute fraud, prosecutors often use fraud charges to investigate and pursue people whose conduct might not directly violate a statute, but still seems culpable.


Another white collar crime is embezzlement, which involves taking property entrusted to one person’s care and using it for personal gain. Bankers and stock brokers are the most common professionals to face embezzlement allegations because they are so often voluntarily handed large sums of money from their clients.


Another common white collar offense is forgery, which involves the falsification of documents for the purpose of deceit. When forged documents are used to further another white collar scheme, they can lead to extra criminal charges.

Potential Penalties for White Collar Crimes

A conviction for a white collar crime can come with thousands of dollars in fines, as well as years in jail, particularly if the alleged offense stole tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition to a jail term and a steep fine, though, defendants often face the possibility of being forced to pay restitution to the purported victims. The amount of this restitution can make any fine seem paltry.

Finally, people convicted of a white collar crime face the long term repercussions of having a criminal background with a financial offense. Even after paying the fine and restitution, and serving the required jail sentence, people can find it incredibly difficult to resume their life and get a job with such a serious blemish in their past.

Work with a Fairfax White Collar Crime Attorney Today

Defending against an allegation of a white collar crime is essential to avoid the severe repercussions of a conviction.

A Fairfax white collar crime lawyer can help. By listening to your case and determining the best course of defense, an attorney can put you at ease in the knowledge that everything is being done to protect you from a serious criminal allegation. Once the evidence is gathered, a white collar crime attorney can present it to the prosecutor, judge, and jury and work to show that the charges you are facing are fraught with doubts and should be dismissed.