License Suspension or Revocation in Fairfax

Dealing with a license suspension or revocation in Fairfax could cause you a deal of stress that you may not have anticipated or prepared for. With a suspended license, your commute could be limited and the courts could be ambivalent to your pleas. With the help of a skilled traffic lawyer, however, you could appeal to the court for alternative sentencing.

Driving While Suspended Versus Driving With No License

In Virginia, driving with a suspended license is a separate offense from driving without a license. When someone is charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, at some point that had a license, but because of a separate incident, they have since lost the privilege to drive.

Conversely, driving without a license is a charge issued for people who were arrested for operating a vehicle when have never been issued a driver’s license, or their license had expired.

Common Causes of Suspension or Revocations

Some of the most common causes of license suspensions or revocations in Fairfax are driving infractions such as reckless driving or DUI. These are driving infractions that are also considered criminal misdemeanors, but someone could still have their license suspended or revoked administratively if they fail to pay a fine or court costs that stem from other traffic or criminal convictions.

How Can a License Be Suspended by a DUI?

When someone is convicted of a DUI, there is an automatic 12-month suspension of that person’s privilege to drive in Virginia. When someone is convicted of a DUI in Fairfax, they are likely to receive the 12-month suspension of their license, but they could receive a restricted license that allows them to drive to certain places such as work, religious ceremonies and medical appointments.

If that person is driving outside of those restrictions, they could be charged separately with driving on a revoked license. This would constitute a new criminal misdemeanor charge.

Returning a License After a DUI or DWI

Drivers who have had their license suspended because of DUI can only get their license back after that 12-month period has lapsed, they have completed their probation obligations with the court, and they have paid the reinstatement fee with the DMV.

Suspension that Result from Unpaid Fines

The Virginia DMV will automatically suspend a license if the court system reports to them that someone has failed to pay their fines or court costs for other crimes or traffic tickets.

How Can Someone Protect Their Driving Privilege?

The best way to protect driving privileges is to avoid a license suspension to begin with. That means that a driver is most able to avoid a license suspension if they maintain a positive point balance with the DMV. Therefore, avoiding any infractions or other crimes that apply negative points to their driver’s license is the best way to avoid getting a license suspension. The DMV can sometimes suspend a person’s license for rapid point accumulation, which is where someone has gotten multiple tickets in a very short period of time. In fact, there are a number of ways in Fairfax where someone could have their license revoked or suspended. An attorney can help minimize the amount of DMV points assessed to someone when charged with traffic offenses. Keeping your point balance down is the best way to avoid an automatic license suspension by the DMV.

Protect Against Driving Suspensions or Revocations in Fairfax with an Attorney’s Help

License suspension or revocations in Fairfax could only make your life that much more challenging. While no one wants to have to endure the consequences of an honest mistake, sometimes the penalties for missed fines or simple moving infractions could be serious. Thankfully, you have the right to counsel who could advocate for alternative sentencing or appeal to the good graces of the court. Reach out to an attorney today.