Fairfax Robbery Lawyer

Robbery is defined as larceny plus assault. If a person is taking an item from another individual, and using threat or force to take those items, the crime would be classified as a robbery. Force, or fear of force, must be present to define a robbery charge.

If a person is put in fear of serious harm and has a reasonable expectation of force, then the harming individual may be charged with robbery. If you have been charged with robbery and are seeking legal representation, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A Fairfax theft lawyer will be able to build a case to help achieve a successful result on behalf of their client.

Preparing a Defense

When building a defense, a Fairfax robbery lawyer will focus on two separate elements. If it is a crime of larceny, an attorney will want to show that a person used force to accomplish their crime.

If it was not a larceny, the robbery attorney in Fairfax will want to know if there was some sort of violence necessary to make it a robbery. They will determine if the court can prove that the individual actually took anything.

Further, an attorney will determine if other people were involved. If there were other people around, a lawyer must understand the levels of involvement, and if they can establish that the individual knew what was going on and whether they were a part of the crime.

The severity of the charge will depend on the amount of the item taken, any injuries sustained by the victim, what kind of shape they are in, as well as the person’s criminal record. Those are the three biggest factors that a Fairfax robbery attorney will uncover when building a case.

Plea Deal

If the individual is guilty and the deal is good, then taking a plea deal might be the best option. This determination is very fact-driven.

If, hypothetically, the Fairfax robbery attorney convinces the court to offer some sort of deal, and the alleged victim is both sympathetic and has suffered significant injuries, then the person may be advised to take the deal. That is not a case that someone wants to try because if an alleged victim is badly injured, the case will not play well in court for the defendant.

A Fairfax robbery lawyer will look at what the risk of going to trial is and what the likelihood of success is. If it’s a high risk and a low likelihood that it will work out well for the client, then they should consider taking a plea.

Larceny vs. Robbery

It is important to understand the difference between larceny and robbery in a Fairfax theft case. Robbery is taking from a person, and the person used force to accomplish their goal. Larceny, on the other hand, is taking without any use of force or threat of force.

For example, it is one thing to take somebody’s cell phone off of a desk, which is larceny, but another thing altogether to knock somebody down and take their cell phone out of their pocket, which is defined as robbery.

Benefit of Legal Representation

When defending a case, an individual will want a Fairfax robbery attorney who is experienced and has handled criminal cases before. Robbery is a very serious charge that can carry active jail time if a person is convicted, so it is important to have an attorney who knows how to proceed legally in these sorts of cases.

A robbery lawyer in Fairfax who is not as experienced may not know the proper questions to ask. They may not understand that this type of case carries specific nuances that must be handled to properly defend a client.

Contact a Lawyer

If an individual is charged with robbery and there is an issue in establishing the use of force or that the person actually took any items, a Fairfax robbery lawyer will be able to effectively build a case to help defend their client. If they are able to recognize the weaknesses of the case, the court will be more willing to work something out.

If you have been charged with robbery and are looking toward your next legal steps, it is important that you contact an experienced robbery attorney in Fairfax as soon as possible.