Fairfax Robbery Lawyer

In Virginia, a robbery is the taking of property by force. Any forceful or threatening action that results in theft will constitute a robbery under the Common Law of the State of Virginia. It is important for someone facing such severe theft criminal charges to have an understanding of what it is they could be facing. Therefore, speaking with a Fairfax robbery lawyer may be beneficial before heading to trial. A skilled theft attorney could help you cultivate a strong defense for robbery charges.

How the Prosecution Proves Robbery

In order to prove that an individual is guilty of robbery, the prosecutor has to prove the elements of that crime beyond a reasonable doubt. When speaking of a robbery charge, the prosecution must prove that the defendant took property belonging to another person against that person’s will, by use of force, threat, or intimidation. If the prosecution is able to prove that force, threat, or intimidation were used to take property against the will of the individual, then the crime of robbery is proven.

Types of Evidence in a Robbery Case

When investigating any alleged robbery, a Fairfax robbery lawyer will likely try to:

  • Gather all the evidence available
  • Review all recorded evidence
  • Review any testimonial evidence that is available
  • Review copies of or descriptions of any physical evidence that may be involved in a case
  • Examine everything that they can that has been said about the case
  • Investigate the allegations that have been made
  • Review the questions that the prosecution may ask
  • Review any recorded interviews of the accused
  • Review any surveillance footage of any alleged crimes

Understanding the Severity of a Robbery Charge

Because of the seriousness of the charge of robbery, it is imperative to retain an attorney who has a good deal of experience dealing with the prosecutor who will be prosecuting the specific charge, so that the prosecutor will know that a Fairfax robbery lawyer is going to be well-prepared, available to discuss the case, and is going to be forthright and honest when presenting mitigating factors and circumstances in trying to reach the best possible conclusion.

Contacting a Fairfax Robbery Lawyer

When facing a charge as serious as robbery, it is extremely important for an individual to seek an experienced attorney who they are comfortable working with. It is of utmost importance for the accused to trust their attorney and, in the case of a robbery, to be able to trust their attorney with the decision of whether to proceed to trial and fight the charges or accept a very serious agreement.

An experienced criminal defense attorney, familiar with the courthouse where someone is facing charges, has a relationship with particular prosecutors. As time goes on, attorneys develop reputations; stronger attorneys who have proven their litigating prowess and their ability to attack cases in trial, will ultimately be able to manufacture more agreeable outcomes for very serious cases.