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College and university officials sometimes file disciplinary proceedings against students who break the rules. Academic charges, for example, may involve plagiarism allegations or alcohol violations that do not result in a criminal charge. Allegations that involve crimes of sexual violence, such as rape, can also result in school officials filing one or more criminal charges against you.

If you or someone you love is currently facing administrative or criminal charges stemming from conduct at a college or university, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands how educational institutions handle these charges.

A Fairfax student defense lawyer can explain and safeguard your legal rights and represent you before a disciplinary committee or in court. In the school setting, your lawyer could argue for a lighter penalty, such as a period of probation or suspension, rather than expulsion. In the criminal setting, your attorney could argue a defense on your behalf or negotiate a lesser charge with a lighter criminal penalty.

School Disciplinary Charges

Even though a college or university disciplinary charge may not seem as serious as a criminal charge, the accused can still face harsh penalties, including loss of scholarship money, as well as possible suspension or expulsion from school.

School disciplinary cases are different from criminal cases in a variety of ways. First, if a college or university accuses a student of violating the school’s code of conduct, the burden of proof is typically not on the school to prove that the student committed the violation. Rather, the burden of proof usually rests with the student to prove that they did not commit a violation.

Moreover, statements which the student makes to the school disciplinary committee can be used against the student, not only in the school disciplinary case, but also in any pending criminal case. An experienced Fairfax student defense attorney fully understands students’ legal rights in these situations and can work aggressively to protect those rights.

Student Criminal Charges

Some offenses which violate a college or university’s conduct code also violate state law. Criminal charges that college and university students sometimes incur include:

Even if a police officer arrests a student off campus, the student can still face both criminal and school disciplinary charges. In the case of a criminal charge, the prosecution has the burden of proving that the student has violated the law.

Fortunately, some students may be able to assert a strong legal defense. Just because the prosecution dismisses a pending criminal case, however, does not necessarily mean that the university case will also go away. Therefore, it is important to have the same attorney handling both the criminal case and the university case.

A Fairfax student defense attorney can guide the student through the process and pursue the best outcome possible under the circumstances.

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School disciplinary and criminal charges are serious business. If you or someone you love is facing school disciplinary charges or criminal charges stemming from an incident at school, you should retain experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.

A Fairfax student defense lawyer can help you create a defense for both your on-campus and your criminal charge and argue those defenses before a school disciplinary board or court of law.

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