Fairfax Solicitation Attorney

According to Virginia Code Section 18.2-346(A), if an individual intends to perform any type of sex act for cash or the equivalent, the individual can be convicted of prostitution. The latter element of this crime is that the individual take the additional step of physically engaging in the sex act or “any substantial act in furtherance thereof.” Similarly, if an individual offers someone money or its equivalent to pay for a sex act and engages in the activity, the person can be convicted of soliciting prostitution.  If you are currently facing charges or believe you are under investigation for solicitation or prostitution, a Fairfax solicitation lawyer can help defend you in court and protect your rights. Consult with a Fairfax criminal defense attorney today to learn more.

What to Expect from a Solicitation Defense Attorney

If you are facing solicitation charges in Fairfax County, Virginia you may have been entrapped by undercover police tactics and need an attorney who understands how to defend these unique types of cases. A solicitation lawyer in Fairfax will be familiar with the legal procedures involved and the commitment necessary to provide a strong criminal defense. Because solicitation charges are oftentimes complex, a devoted defense lawyer will look for entrapment issues and other ways to challenge the Commonwealth’s evidence, including whether the police violated your constitutional rights. Hire an attorney committed to achieving the best possible outcome for your case. In addition, the lawyers at our firm can aid you by:

    • Working to negotiate a plea bargain if you’d like to avoid the stress of a trial
    • Helping you to understand the different defense options available in your case
    • Ensuring that any evidence presented was gathered legally, and working to disallow evidence gathered incorrectly
    • Helping you to present a positive picture of yourself and your case to the court

Our dedicated legal team is standing by to conduct your free initial consultation, after which you will learn more about how our team of Fairfax solicitation lawyers may be able to help you.

Solicitation in Fairfax, Virginia

Both prostitution and solicitation are Class 1 misdemeanors in Fairfax with maximum punishments of 12 months in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. Solicitation offenses are taken very seriously by the Commonwealth of Virginia. People often think of solicitation and prostitution-related offenses as being victimless crimes, and yet the people who are accused of such crimes often experience very harsh consequences in their personal and professional lives. Having a misdemeanor conviction on one’s record can prevent someone from obtaining certain types of employment and also exclude them from educational opportunities. Particularly in Fairfax, which is located in such close proximity to Washington, DC, many individuals are employed by the government and are required to maintain security clearances in order to perform their job functions. Being convicted of a misdemeanor could put that security clearance in jeopardy. If someone loses their employment due to a conviction, that could also have severe impacts on their finances and, in turn, put their personal relationships at risk. In addition, there is a certain social stigma attached to individuals who have been convicted of sex-related crimes and it may be embarrassing for someone to admit that they have such a conviction on their record.

Law Enforcement Entrapment Tactics

It is not uncommon for law enforcement officials to set traps in an attempt to make more arrests for solicitation and prostitution. Often police officers will pose as prostitutes or post ads online advertising escort services as a means to lure innocent people into responding. Someone may not realize that even just by responding to that proposition they may be arrested for solicitation, despite the fact that they never actually made physical contact with the other person. Even though the person may not realize that they engaged in any illegal activity, the law will still hold them accountable for the part they played in the offense. An experienced Fairfax solicitation attorney can help protect individuals from being held accountable for law enforcement entrapment techniques, since many people might not have committed solicitation without the impetus of underhanded police tactics.

Soliciting a Minor

Under Section 18.2-346(B), soliciting sex from a minor is punishable as a felony in Virginia. Specifically, soliciting sex from a minor 16 years or older is a Class 6 felony with a potential prison sentence of 5 years. Soliciting sex from a minor under the age of 16 is a Class 5 felony with a potential prison sentence of 10 years. A felony conviction can be even more detrimental to a person’s quality of life than being convicted of a misdemeanor offense. Even just being accused of felony solicitation can lead to loss of employment and family issues. If you have been charged with solicitation of a minor, it is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer who can help you avoid the extensive negative impacts that a conviction would have on your life.