Fairfax DUI Drug Lawyer

DUI arrests are a high priority for law enforcement officers in northern Virginia due to the public perception and the dangerousness of driving under the influence. When an individual is suspected of being under the influence, an officer may perform a preliminary breath test. In the instance that this test does not show results of intoxication due to alcohol, an individual may be subject to a blood test to determine if there was any use of drugs.

If you have been accused of drug use behind the wheel, contacting a Fairfax DUI drug lawyer could be a suitable next step to help deal with any charges. Get in contact with a skilled DUI attorney today for a free consultation.

Circumstances that May Lead to a DUI Drug Conviction

An individual could be charged with driving under the influence of drugs if the arresting officer has probable cause to believe that that individual was intoxicated. The officer may suspect that the drug used is alcohol in which case typical alcohol-related tests may be administered. During a DUI drug arrest, the police may conduct the same field sobriety that they conduct during a DUI arrest related to alcohol.

If an officer suspects another drug, the individual could be charged with driving under the influence of drugs, and be subject to a blood test. The main difference between an arrest and investigation for DUI involving drugs and one involving alcohol is that in a DUI involving drugs, a breath test may not be available and an officer may have to rely on a blood test to prove the toxins in an individual’s bloodstream.

Substances that Could Lead to a Fairfax DUI Drug Offense

There are many different substances that could lead to a drug DUI. The Virginia code defines any combination of drugs or alcohol that causes someone to be impaired as a source of intoxication that could lead to a DUI. Any of the following could be considered as DUI causing substance:

  • Illegal or Illicit substances
  • Prescription medication, such as painkillers
  • Over-the-counter medication, such as cough syrup or cold medication

If someone is under the influence of medication that they purchased legally or was prescribed to them, they may still be intoxicated for purposes of DUI. It is important that that individual speak with a Fairfax DUI drug lawyer as soon as possible after their arrest.

Evidence Used for a DUI Case

Officers may be looking for driving behavior that exhibits the possibility of intoxication and pursuing the investigation of intoxication whether that leads to a suspicion of alcohol use or whether that leads to a suspicion of drug use. A police officer who is stopping someone suspected of DUI may choose to look at the following:

  • Look in and around the car for any evidence of drug paraphernalia
  • Observe whether there are any smells of drug use
  • Observe any behavior or appearance of the driver that is consistent with drug use

Marijuana-Related Cases in Fairfax

Although the criminal penalties for marijuana are changing across the country, they have not changed in Virginia. Police officers in northern Virginia consider driving under the influence of marijuana a high priority and may handle an arrest of marijuana accordingly.

Contacting a Fairfax DUI Drug Attorney

Any DUI charge may hold serious implications in the state of Virginia, particularly if it is a drug-related offense. By getting in touch with a talented Fairfax DUI drug lawyer, you could strengthen your case and build a strong defense. Contact a seasoned attorney as soon as possible to potentially begin your process.