Fairfax Drug Lawyer

Drug Lawyer in Fairfax VirginiaAnyone at all who has been arrested and charged with a drug crime of any kind can benefit from the knowledge and active advocacy of a Fairfax drug lawyer. The language, penalties, and evidence requirements of Virginia’s drug law code are extremely complex and easily confuse the average person. If you are facing a trial on charges of possession, intent to sell, manufacture, paraphernalia, or DWI, your world has been turned upside down. Despite your difficult situation, it is up to you to put up a strong defense. How can you do this? With the help of a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer.

Due to their years of experience litigating in the Fairfax County court system, the criminal defense attorneys at our firm understand how to handle drug cases of all sorts.  Just a few of the many benefits of opting to retain a lawyer from our private law firm are:

    • The presence of investigative resources that help our attorneys to make sure that your case has been appropriately and completely investigated
    • The knowledge that you are a priority and that our attorneys are great at communicating with clients
    • The ability to receive tips on courtroom etiquette and conduct so as to present yourself well to the court
    • The peace of mind that comes with knowing your lawyer is actively protecting your rights

In order to learn about the specific ways our Fairfax drug attorneys can assist you, call our firm and conduct your free initial consultation.  This gives us the ability to understand your individual needs and circumstances.

Charges and Penalties

The range of drug-related charges in Virginia is dizzying. For example, the specific penalties for possession with intent to sell depend on the amount of substance involved; the composition of the substance; prior offenses; the presence of a weapon at the time of arrest; association with organized crime; and the discretion of the judge presiding over the case. Here are some of the other charges you might find leveled against you:

    • Possession of drug paraphernalia (materials used to produce or take drugs)
    • Advertising use of drugs or paraphernalia
    • Distribution of drugs to minors
    • Driving under the influence of drugs (either illegal or prescription)

Whether you are a freshman college student who was at the wrong party when a police raid occurred or a drug user who is being charged with very serious manufacture/sale accusations, you need a Fairfax drug lawyer to handle your case. Your future depends on opposing false claims, establishing the truth about what you were doing when arrested, and examining the actions of the officer who arrested you. No matter what police believed you were guilty of at the time, as a U.S. citizen you are innocent until proven guilty. If your arrest was handled incorrectly, a judge may throw your case out on that basis. Call a drug lawyer in Virginia today to learn more.

Drugs in Fairfax County

Law enforcement in Fairfax, Virginia is understandably on edge concerning drugs. The close proximity of the crime-heavy Washington, D.C. urban area means that heroin, cocaine, and other “street drugs” frequently appear in the region, either brought out of the city by dealers or on their way into the city from outside the United States. Synthetic drugs are a major issue as well, with methamphetamine and MDMA (“molly”) commonly found in nightclubs.

As police do their best to stop drugs from negatively influencing the community, they unfortunately sometimes arrest the wrong people. Even someone who was, in fact, using drugs might be charged with an excessive offense, such as selling or distributing to minors. A drug lawyer in Fairfax is a critical member of the legal system, working to ensure that charged individuals do not suffer penalties they do not deserve.

Mistakes You Could Make

If you face drug charges, there are several different ways that you could mistakenly put yourself into even more trouble:

    • Try to defend yourself. Without a thorough understanding of the paperwork, deadlines, procedures, and requirements associated with a criminal trial, it may be difficult to mount a successful defense against your drug charges.
    • Hire the cheapest lawyer possible. Many Fairfax drug lawyers offer very low fees for their services, but in the legal field you most often get what you pay for. Without the knowledge or time to build a powerful defense on your behalf, a discount attorney is not likely to affect your trial’s outcome drastically.
    • Plead guilty. Leaving yourself at the mercy of a court and prosecutor that are determined to crack down on drug crime can be a mistake. No matter how difficult your case appears, a good attorney can fight to get your charges reduced and minimize their effects on your life. Even during the sentencing process, your lawyer can plead for a lighter sentence that may allow you to keep your job and stay out of jail.

Call a Fairfax Drug Lawyer Today

As with any criminal charge, a drug crime accusation requires immediate action on your part. Get a drug lawyer looking at your case right away, so that she can begin building your defense and hopefully end your trouble before it makes it to the courtroom.  Contact us for a free initial meeting—you have nothing to lose and your future to gain.