Fairfax Assault Lawyer

The seriousness of assault charges is not to be underestimated. Speaking with an experienced lawyer could help your chances in court. Consulting with a Fairfax assault lawyer knowledgeable in criminal court may be in your best interest.

The Severity of Assault in Fairfax

Law enforcement officers take allegations of assault or battery very seriously. Prosecutors in Virginia will prosecute those cases to the fullest extent of the law.

Aside from the immediate severity of an assault or battery allegation, an alleged victim could seek out the police and advocate that a harsher stance be taken against the person accused of assault. If a person were to directly complain to a prosecutor that he or she were victimized, prosecutors then switch how they approach a case entirely. The prosecution may want to seek punishments against the individual accused of commit the assault or battery. When there is a complainant or an alleged victim in a case, it makes the case much more serious.

How Assault Charges are Intimidating

There are several things that are unique to different types of assault cases that could make them more intimidating to face. One of the biggest differences of assault from some other types of criminal allegations is that there is real unwanted behavior that took place, sometimes even violent behavior. While no one wants to have a possession of marijuana or a DUI on file, having a criminal record that says a person engaged in assault adds a completely different dimension to how that person’s record is perceived. Assault cases are violent in nature and are not victimless crimes.

Future employers or landlords generally assume that an assault charge means some violent behavior took place. There is a social stigma that surrounds violent charges that attaches itself to an assault and battery case even where no physical altercation of any degree took place.

Call a Fairfax Assault Attorney

Although it is beneficial to have an attorney represent someone if he or she is facing any criminal charges in Virginia, this is especially true with allegations of assault. In Virginia, there are many ways that an assault case can be handled without resulting in a conviction or any kind of a blemish on one’s criminal record. Because an alleged victim has civil rights, assaults are not only treated differently, but can be remedied differently. For example, in certain situations, an assault case can be dismissed as a matter of a civil agreement between the accuser and the accused, unlike many other cases that appear before the court. There are ways that a person can agree that they have had their civil remedies met, and they do not want to seek any criminal charges.

Because of this, it is critical to have an experienced Fairfax assault lawyer to represent you. An experienced attorney could handle any potential negotiations between the alleged parties. If negotiating is ineffective, a dedicated defense lawyer could present a credible defense in court. For legal advice and representation, call today and schedule a consultation.