Fairfax County Assault Attorney

If you live in Fairfax or the surrounding Northern Virginia area and have been charged—or threatened to be charged with—assault charges of any kind, you need a trustworthy Fairfax assault lawyer by your side. If you have an assault charge hanging over your head, it’s likely you are unprepared and never thought something like this could happen to you. You may feel frightened, angry, and unsure as to what your legal options are. If so, you have come to the right place. An experienced Fairfax crimina lawyer can advise you and can work with you to seek the best legal solution for your situation.

Working with a Defense Attorney

Our firm’s Fairfax County assault lawyers have seen and tried many criminal defense cases in the county, and worked on assault charges levied in all their various forms.  The penalties for some assault charges can seem minor compared to those an individual might face if convicted of felony assault.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that any assault conviction results in a criminal record, which can have an impact on employment, reputation, and even security clearances for those Fairfax residents employed by the government.

When you work with a Fairfax assault lawyer from our firm, you’re hiring someone with an extensive skill set who can make a big difference in the results of your case.  Our attorneys can help you to:

    • Understand your assault charges and the possible penalties associated
    • Generate  a strong criminal defense plan, tailored to your individual needs and life circumstances
    • Work with the prosecution to reach a favorable plea bargain, if going to court is not what you’re looking to do
    • Make a favorable impression in court by coaching you through the trail process

Of course, the easiest way to learn what a Fairfax assault attorney can do for you is to call us and conduct your free initial consultation.  It’s free, and it can help you to better understand the services our legal team can offer.

Assault Definitions

The legal concept of “assault” is misunderstood by many people. It’s often confused with what law enforcement agencies classify as “battery,” but the two are clearly differentiated legally.

“Battery” occurs when one person (known as “the defendant” if the case goes to court) demonstrates an intent to harmfully and/or offensively contact another person (known as “the victim”) and follows that intent by physically contacting the plaintiff in a harmful or potentially harmful way.

So, how is that different from assault? The legal definition of assault is similar to that of battery but with one important difference. Assault occurs when someone (the defendant) acts in a manner toward another person (the victim) in a way that makes the victim fearful that the defendant may harm him or her or is about to physically contact him or her in a way that would be offensive. Generally speaking,  physical contact is not necessary to prove simple assault.

An example may be helpful. Let’s say you are driving your car and stop at a stop sign and a driver in front of you stops suddenly, as a result of which you rear-end his vehicle. If, after exiting your vehicle, you were to approach the other driver angrily and in a threatening manner, yelling and gesturing, and if the other driver fears for his safety—that is, fears that you are going to strike him—he may seek to press charges of assault against you. This may be true even if there was no physical contact between the two of you.

If you or the other driver were to actually touch each other in a threatening way (by shoving, hitting, etc.), the situation has moved from one where simple assault is a potential charge into one where the charge might be assault and battery.  Of course, with any situation involving assault, it is necessary for the prosecution to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the accusing party’s interpretation of certain words or actions as threatening was a reasonable interpretation.  This is where an assault lawyer in Virginia can help, using the details of the situation to try and establish reasonable doubt in your favor.

A Fairfax Assault Lawyer Can Help

If you have been charged with assault, you need good legal counsel that can help you understand how the law can work in your favor. Our team of Fairfax assault lawyers is committed to providing appropriate, compassionate counsel to you. We understand that you may be feeling confusion and even fear in your situation. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find the best closure for the difficulties you’re facing. Please give us a call today—you may have more options than you realize.

The details given on this page are for information purposes only and do not constitute legal counsel. Please call our firm to speak to a Fairfax assault lawyer for that purpose.