Culpeper Sex Crimes Lawyer

A number of things are incredibly intimidating to anyone facing sex crime charges, the first being the stigma that goes along with any kind of sex crime charge. In addition, most of the charges have serious penalties that go along with them, including significant periods of incarceration as well as the potential to have to be on the sex offender registry. If you are facing these kinds of charges, it is absolutely critical that you contact a Culpeper sex crimes lawyer today to begin preparing your defense.

Crimes a Person May Face in Culpeper

There are many different felony sex crimes a person can potentially be charged with in Culpeper. Some of the most common include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual battery
  • Aggravated sexual battery
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Indecent liberties with a child
  • Child pornography
  • Soliciting sex with a child
  • …and more.

Several things are unique to sex crimes compared to other offenses. The stigma that comes with just being charged with a crime of this nature can have far reaching consequences, impacting employment as well as social life. Sex offenses are the only kind of crime for which there is a registry, so if a person is convicted of one or more serious sex crimes, there is a possibility or likelihood that they would have to register for the rest of their lives. Additionally, there is the possibility of significant jail time, which is always the case whenever a sex crime is involved. Penalties with such severe potential should not be navigated without the help of a trusted and experienced Culpeper sex crimes attorney.

Investigation of a Culpeper Sex Crime Case

Investigations in sex crime cases are different than investigations in other cases in that they typically take a longer period of time to complete. There is often a significant run-up period before a charge is made, and there is often more close contact with the prosecutor and law enforcement in advance of charges being brought.

Role of an Attorney in a Culpeper Sex Crimes Case

An attorney has a number of roles in a sex crimes case. The first is to investigate the charges, involving everything possible about the accusations that are being made and the evidence that the Commonwealth is going to bring to bear.

Next, a sex crimes lawyer in Culpeper will develop the most effective tactics and strategies possible to defend the case, to protect their clients’ rights, and in some cases, to mitigate the consequences of crimes that have occurred. Finally and most importantly, the attorney’s role is to guide the individual through the process, so they will know what to expect and will be able to make important decisions along the way that will affect the case.

Value of Trust in an Attorney-Client Relationship

Trust is the most important factor of the attorney-client relationship. An individual entrusts an attorney with the most serious matter that is going on in their life at that time, and perhaps the most serious matter that they will ever face. It is important that the client be able to trust the attorney to do what they say, to communicate when they say they will communicate, to keep their best interest in mind, and to give them the best effort at representation.

Value of an Experienced Attorney in a Sex Crimes Case

It is important to work with a Culpeper sex crimes lawyer because the charges are so serious and the consequences are so far reaching. It is a matter that you simply cannot take a chance with someone who is inexperienced. These are particular cases with particular evidence and you want an experienced attorney to assist you in fighting these difficult charges. If you are facing sex crimes in Culpeper, do not take any chances with your future, and call an experienced Culpeper sex crimes lawyer today.