Culpeper DUI Lawyer

No matter what kind of driving under the influence charge you may be facing, a Culpeper DUI lawyer can help. Our firm’s DUI attorneys handle first-time DUIs, as well as second, third and subsequent DUI charges. With Virginia’s heavily patrolled roadways and busy tourist areas, DUI stops and checkpoints are common and our Culpeper DUI attorneys understand how easily individuals can be improperly charged with driving under the influence.

There are many effective defenses to DUI charges, but in order to figure out which may be most applicable to your unique case, our Culpeper DUI lawyers will need to learn about the circumstances that led to your charges.  Call in today to complete your free initial consultation with a Culpeper criminal defense attorney and help us to understand your legal needs.

DUI Charges in Virginia

Drivers with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent are automatically presumed to be driving under the influence in Virginia, though a BAC of as low as 0.05 could still constitute a DUI at the discretion of the arresting officer. The prosecutor typically must prove in court that a driver with a BAC on the lower end of the spectrum exhibited other signs of impairment during the stop, such as failing a field sobriety test, smelling of alcohol, acting or driving erratically, or slurring speech.

The officer’s judgment is highly subjective, however. If you registered a BAC below a 0.08, your Culpeper DUI attorney can look into whether it was appropriate to charge you under the circumstances. If your BAC was above 0.08 and yet you do not believe you were impaired at the time, your Culpeper DUI attorney can investigate whether the breathalyzer test was administered properly or whether it possibly malfunctioned.

A driver may also be charged with DUI for driving under the influence of drugs, instead of alcohol. If you are facing a drug-related DUI, consult one of our Culpeper DUI lawyers as soon as possible.

DUI Penalties in Virginia

DUI penalties in Virginia can be harsh, even for a first-time DUI, and the penalties become increasingly severe with each subsequent conviction. That’s why it is so important to have a Culpeper DUI lawyer on your side from the moment you learn you may be facing a DUI charge.

First-Time DUI Penalties

A first-time DUI carries a penalty of up to 12 months in jail and $2500 in fines unless the driver registered a BAC of between 0.15 and 0.20, in which case a mandatory five days in jail attaches, under Virginia Code 18.2-270.  A BAC of more than 0.20 garners and mandatory ten-day jail stay.

Second and Subsequent DUI Penalties

Subsequent DUI convictions carry heightened penalties, including a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 20 days for a second offense within five years, and a mandatory minimum of ten days in jail for a second offense within ten years. Third offenses during a ten-year period carry a mandatory jail term of 90 days, and a mandatory sentence of six months for three subsequent DUIs within five years. In addition, third-offense DUIs are considered felonies. Fourth offenses carry a mandatory one-year minimum jail sentence and $1000 fine and warrant attention from a Virginia DUI lawyer.

Call an Experienced Culpeper DUI Attorney Today

Our experienced Culpeper DUI lawyers are prepared to fight to have your unfair DUI charges reduced or dismissed. We understand how upsetting it can be to face charges that could potentially create a criminal record and affect a driver’s employment or educational opportunities. This can be especially concerning for drivers who hold a security clearance, military status, government or defense contractor position, or for students who hope to seek such employment in the future. With one of our experienced Culpeper DUI lawyers on your side, you can take the first step toward working to maintain or restore your driving record.