Our Approach to Reckless Driving Cases

In Virginia reckless driving is a serious offense that often carries large fines and even jail time. Luckily, a Culpeper reckless driving lawyer is available to assist those charged. Below, Virginia criminal attorney Matthew Crowley discusses his approach to reckless driving cases, schedule a consultation to learn more.

What Are Some Of The First Things You Ask When Meeting With A Potential Reckless Driving Client For The First Time?

When I meet with a potential reckless driving client for the first time, I like to learn as much information as I can about the factual scenario that caused them to be charged as well as about the individual personally.

Some typical questions I ask are what kind of vehicle they were driving, who it belong to, what time of day or night the incident occurred, at what point did they first encounter law enforcement or noticed that the police were executing a traffic stop.

I also like to find out what kind of previous driving record a person has, what their employment situation is, any special concerns that they might have regarding their license or the impact of a reckless driving. And then, of course I like to find out any statements that they have made to the police and if there are any other charges that they might be dealing with in the scenario.

What Are The Main Things That You Look For In A Case?

The primary things I look for in a reckless driving case of course depends on the type of reckless driving charge. In a typical reckless speeding case, the first thing I look for is whether the person believes that they were going that speed or have some reason to think that there may be an issue with their speedometer. If there is potentially an issue with the speedometer, then I like to have them get that calibrated so we can determine if that will assist them as a defense.

I also want to know the age of the driver, the driving record of the driver, and what time of day or night they were out. These are all things that can potentially impact a reckless driving charge. The final thing I look for in a speeding case is whether the officer has properly calibrated their radar equipment and whether they have the proper certificates on file to show that they have done that.

However, in a general reckless driving case, which most typically involves an accident of some kind, I always look to find out what witnesses there may have been and whether the accused has made any statements to police. This is important because police officers almost never see the accident itself and are not going to be able to testify as to what happened.

In addition, I’m also looking to see if there is damage to the vehicle and if there is any indication that there was distracted driving through cellphone usage or anything of that nature.

Why Do Clients Choose To Work With You In Their Culpeper County Reckless Driving Matters?

Clients choose to work with me in their Culpeper County reckless driving cases for several reasons. One is that I have experienced in the Culpeper Courts over a decade which has allowed me to learn everything I need to know about the personalities that are involved in that jurisdiction, the practices, and the procedures there.

Clients also choose me because I have a reputation for hard work and success, a reputation for giving clients all the time that they need, spending every moment that is necessary to address their concerns, as well as to formulate and develop the best possible defense for them in their case.