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As a former member of the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Office, Meghan has prepared and tried hundreds of bench trials and dozens of jury trials and has experience with all kinds of criminal cases, including assault, robbery, narcotics offenses, firearms offenses, child abuse, domestic violence, theft, fraud, DWI, and other traffic-related offenses. She has appeared in court on a daily basis and was able to forge important relationships and respect with judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement. Because of her time as a prosecutor, Meghan is uniquely qualified to evaluate legal issues from both a defense and prosecutorial perspective.


In Virginia, a person may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony crime, and it is important to understand the implications of each offense. While a misdemeanor is typically considered to be less serious than a felony charge, the repercussions of an arrest and conviction can still be quite severe.

When you are investigated or arrested for a crime, it helps to be well-informed about your case and your charge(s) in order to make the best decisions regarding your defense. Each case is unique, and a Virginia criminal lawyer is equipped to explain the intricacies of your individual situation and how various defense strategies may affect the outcome of your case.

The Criminal Attorneys at our firm are committed to providing aggressive, skillful defense representation to help protect your rights and work to achieve the best possible outcome under your personal circumstances.


Meghan received a Bachelor’s Degree in History at Virginia Tech, and then graduated from George Mason University School of Law. During law school, Meghan was selected as a Writing Fellow, responsible for teaching other students legal writing, research, and analysis. She was also a member of the Civil Rights Law Journal, the Criminal Law Society, and the Family Law Society. During her third year at George Mason, Meghan interned with the Arlington County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, where she learned to prosecute misdemeanor crimes.

After law school, Meghan became barred in Virginia, Maryland, and the Eastern District of Virginia federal court. She joined a local civil law firm primarily focused on contracts, employment, and business litigation. In 2016, Meghan joined the Fairfax County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

More About Meghan

In her free time, Meghan can be found playing board games at home with her family. She also plays soccer regularly, enjoys training young children, and has been a certified U.S. Soccer coach since 2010.