Alexandria DUI Stops

There are a number of reasons why the police might pull someone over for a DUI. The first reason that people sometimes get pulled over in the course of DUI charges is that they have broken some other law. In other words, if a person is speeding, if they failed to obey a highway sign, or committed some other traffic infraction, the individual may find themselves in the traffic stop where they are then being investigated for a DUI. In addition to that, officers are looking for unusual driving behavior that may indicate that a person is operating under the influence such as swerving, failing to stay in their lane, driving particularly slow, or even driving particularly fast.

If an individual finds themselves facing a charge as a result of an Alexandria DUI stop, it is pertinent that they contact an attorney immediately. An experienced lawyer can assist in dismissing or reducing any penalties that resulted from an Alexandria DUI stop.

Process of a DUI Stop

In the course of an Alexandria DUI stop, the police are looking for a number of things and that is broken up into three phases. The first is that they are looking for driving behavior that indicates a potential DUI. Once the person has been stopped, officers are looking for evidence during their initial encounter that the person may be under the influence. This includes everything from whether someone acknowledges that they have been drinking, to how they smell, look, to whether they are unsteady on their feet.

Once the officer has developed enough reasonable suspicion to have the person removed from their vehicle, then field sobriety tests are administered, which are for the purpose of determining whether there is probable cause for arrest. Officers are typically going to ask whether a person has had anything to drink that night, how much they have had to drink, and how long ago that occurred. These elements are typical of an Alexandria DUI stop.

Vehicle Searches

Officers will frequently ask to search vehicles in the course of a traffic stop unless and until a person is arrested. Law enforcement officers do not typically have the right to do that in the course of a DUI stop. However, once an individual is arrested, it is lawful for police to conduct an inventory search of the individual’s vehicle as well as a protective sweep of the area where the individual was sitting.

Contacting An Attorney

The police are not going to permit someone to speak to an attorney during the course of an Alexandria DUI stop. However, once an individual has been released, they both can and should contact an attorney at their first convenience. There are various charges that can result as a consequence of an Alexandria DUI stop that an individual should be fully prepared to defend.

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