Alexandria Assault Lawyer

In Alexandria, assault is defined as an offer or an attempt to commit bodily harm against someone else coupled with the present ability to commit that harm. Someone who is facing these charges should contact an experienced lawyer as soon as they can to avoid the harsh ramifications of their offense. An Alexandria assault lawyer who is well versed in Virginia state laws, as well as assault cases, can help their client navigate the legal process, which can be scary if done alone.

Potential Penalties

Citizens of Alexandria should know that assault charges are taken very seriously, and the appearance of this type of offense on someone’s criminal record can be detrimental to their current or future employment. The seriousness of this type of offense is demonstrated by how frequently individuals are charged for committing the act as well as the fact that prosecutors vigorously prosecute these kinds of cases. The most common type of assault in Alexandria is domestic, and the next most common type of offense involves a setting where alcohol is present such as a bar or a restaurant where an argument gets out of hand and results in a physical altercation of some kind.

An assault charge is a Class 1 misdemeanor in Virginia which means it can carry up to one year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine, therefore it is always best to avoid situations that may lead to conflict or confrontation and to consult with an assault attorney in Alexandria immediately if accused of this type of offense.

Types of Assault

A battery is a completed assault meaning it takes place when there is unauthorized contact with another person and there is an intention to do harm. This is either an attempt to batter someone or an action taken that makes a person reasonably believe they are going to be battered. Very often, both of these crimes are committed at the same time. However, as an Alexandria assault lawyer can explain, it is possible to commit either of them without committing both.

Often times, there is an element of “reasonable apprehension of immediate harm” involved in assault and/or battery cases. Reasonable apprehension of immediate harm refers to the idea that the victim in a case like this must believe that they are about to be battered. It cannot just be their subjective belief but must be an objectively reasonable belief. Virginia law does not require that the attempted contact be harmful, there just needs to be no consent to it.

Benefits Of Having An Alexandria Assault Attorney

Assault charges can be quite intimidating for individuals faced with the charge, and justifiably for a couple of reasons including:

  • People understand they face a Class 1 misdemeanor which has the potential to have significant penalties.
  • There is often a stigma attached to the person who is convicted of a violent crime within their community.
  • Current or future employment opportunities can be affected if a background check is required.

The primary benefit of having counsel when someone faces an assault charge is that he or she will have a lawyer by their side who is dedicated to attaining the best outcome possible in their case. They will be aware of the fact that in Alexandria, the prosecution must prove that there was an offer or an attempt to commit a battery combined with the present ability to carry out that threat or to commit that battery. With that in mind, a knowledgeable Alexandria assault attorney who is familiar with trying similar cases can build a strong defense and may be able to:

  • Have the case dismissed
  • Negotiate a reduction in the charge
  • Negotiate a reduced penalty

An assault lawyer in Alexandria who knows the ins and outs of the Alexandria legal system understands the most appropriate legal defenses and tactics to employ to obtain the best outcome for their client(s).